Correct Telephone Manners within the Workplace

Correct Telephone Manners within the Workplace

When speaking on the telephone it is important to use correct telephone manners in order to ensure that you emit a positive, professional manner at all times. Correct telephone etiquette will not only give a positive impression to the person you are speaking to, but will also reflect positively on you as an employee and representative of the company.

Be prepared

The first step in proper etiquette is to be fully prepared. Preparation enhances your confidence which will come across through the phone call. This means having a pen and paper handy and clearing your workspace so that there is no clutter. It is also very important to plan how you are going to answer the phone.

When a phone is ringing, usually it should be answered by the third ring. When answering the telephone, it is important to have your greeting prepared, and to know how you will present yourself. If there are any statements that the company would like you to use when you answer the phone, it is important that you say them. If you are making a phone call, it is important that you introduce yourself in line with the company’s policies. Use your full name to introduce yourself, and state which company you are calling from. 

Taking a message

If the person calling want to speak with somebody who is unavailable at that time, take a full message. It is very important that you take a complete message so as not to confuse or mislead the receiver of the message. Be polite to the person you are speaking with and explain that you will deliver the message as soon as possible.


When speaking on the telephone, it is vital to maintain a friendly, pleasant manner. During the entire phone call, focus your attention on the call, and do not allow yourself to get distracted from the call, as this will give the recipient an unprofessional impression of both yourself and the company. Unless you have a serious reason to allow the call to be disturbed, do not put the caller on hold or make them wait for any reason. As your customer, they have called you requesting your time and services and it is recommended to devote all of your time to the call.

Whilst you are on the phone, your co-workers should appreciate that you are in an important call and cannot be disturbed. During the phone call, do not check your emails or look at any other irrelevant documents. Show respect to the person you are speaking with, by focusing all of your attention on the phone call at hand.

When you are prepared and composed during a phone call this will be perceived by the person you are speaking with. You will come across as confident, poised and professional, which will benefit you in a number of ways. You will be better equipped to answer difficult questions, and you will clarify that you are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled at what you do, which will reflect positively on the person you are speaking with. Correct telephone manners will aid in ensuring that your customers have a good impression of the company and will also work towards developing your career.

Be aware of how you sound

Pay complete attention to what you are saying and how you say it. Have complete awareness of the speed, tone and volume of your speech, and speak clearly. All of these factors will ensure that you maintain a confident, alert and attentive phone manner at all times during the conversation.  Overall, treat the caller with utmost respect. Be efficient, responsive, professional and friendly. Never use negative language; if you are speaking with a customer, it is important that you go out of your way to be helpful, honest, positive and polite.