How to Create a Balance Between Work and Life

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It’s a hard-knock-life. Bills need to be paid and mouths need to be fed. So that’s what work is for, right? Of course… obviously. We need the money it recompenses us with to survive. But don’t make the mistake of making work the center of your universe, sacrificing time with friends, family and the occasional Netflix binge. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for burnout. And once that happens, motivation takes a dangerous leap out the window—and so will your job.

So don’t let motivation do that. Learn to balance work with your personal life. Find out how below…

And by “me” time, I mean time spent on anything or anyone outside of work that is important to you. So plan your week accordingly with the intent to see friends, family, and engage in fun/stimulating activities.

Whether it’s a romantic candlelit dinner with the significant other or hanging out at the bar to catch the latest basketball game, you’ll have something to look forward to. Plus extra incentive to stick to your plans, so you won’t cancel, and therefore deprive yourself of a good time.

Be proactive. Make your plans way ahead of time.

Also—and I’m just throwing this out there—make the most out of your day. Why wait to wake up an hour before heading to work? Wake up a little bit earlier to squeeze in some family time and maybe even a quick jog around the neighbourhood.

Take note of activities you’re involved in throughout the day that add no value to you personally or professionally. Then drop the frequency.

Not sure what I mean? Well… here’s an example that I’m personally familiar with. If you like to use social media a lot… don’t. Really, unless you’re truly networking or enhancing the brand of a side business, social media has very little value. So step away from it, increase your efficiency, and sneak some more time into your day for more enjoyable and productive activities.

Exercise in general is just such an undeniable positive for most people in most situations. I know... I know... you’re busy, so it’s tough to squeeze in time for a couple of reps at the iron castle. But like I said before, you’d be surprised by how much you could accomplish in a day if you reduce--if not eliminate--time consuming distractions.

So why not fill in the gaps with a quick session? You wouldn’t be the first professional with a family who finds time to take care of his (her) body. Besides, you’ll feel more energized and alert in the long-run.

You don’t need to do a lot to get a lot in return. Not necessarily. At least not when it comes to attaining a work-life balance. One little adjustment goes a long way to getting that. So try setting small, realistic goals like leaving the job early. Even if it’s just once per week.

Then start adding enjoyable activities you could do once you’re out of work. Simple as that.

Remember… Nothing in excess is ever good for you.

The same applies here.

So find a balance in your life…

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