Create a Better Resume by Paying Attention to These Five Rules

There’s only one thing that can get your professional foot through the door of a company and that’s a great resume. Make sure yours abides by these rules.

Job hunting is tough everybody hates it. It’s stressful, often completely fruitless and it takes up so much of our time that it has more burnout potential than a real job. Unfortunately, we all have to job hunt sometimes if we want to continue paying our bills. And it’s precisely because job hunting is so tough that we all try to do our best to separate ourselves from competition and show hiring managers that we have what it takes.

The most important element of any job search is a great resume. It’s the first thing hiring managers receive from us, and it’s up to our resume to get us through the door, so investing in your resume is a move you definitely want to make.

You’ll read lots of advice on this blog about how you should shape your resume and what you should include in it. But the most important piece of advice you’ll read is that you need to tailor your resume to each position you apply to making sure that you include all the keywords and all the requirements that the job description mentions. But, that alone is not enough, you also need to make sure that your resume is neat and tidy and that it follows the five rules listed below. So, go through the list and let us know if you’ve already been paying attention to these rules.

1. Avoid First Person Pronouns

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It may seem odd to write a resume about yourself without using the pronoun ‘I’ too much, but it’s best to avoid it. Although everything on your resume is stuff you’ve done and accomplished, the addition of the first person pronoun makes everything look a bit over the top so make sure that you try to avoid it as much as possible.

2. Don’t Write Huge Sentences

Remember that a resume is not the next great American novel so make sure that it’s neither too long nor too complicated. In fact, an excellent resume is always concise. It contains all the information that one needs to know about you without adding too much fluff or too many details. And the way to accomplish that is by writing small and simple sentences. Avoid big sentences because they’re confusing for the reader and they fail to get your message –that you’re the right person for the job- across.

3. Use Simple English

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We all tend to think our resumes as another college assignment but the reality is that they are nothing as elaborate as that. In fact, the simpler a resume is, the more chances it has of being liked by the hiring manager and it’s in this spirit that we say that you should avoid complex sentence structures and big words. Keep it simple and avoid big words and your resume will look great.

4. Use Bullet Points Whenever You Can

Hiring managers are busy people, and most of them are not willing to spend too much time reading a resume. In fact, research says that hiring managers spend roughly 8 seconds per resume which means that you need to make things easier for them and by that I mean that your resume should be as readable as possible. So by separating information into bullet points, you are making it easier for the hiring manager to get all the information you want to tell them.

5. Make Your Results Quantifiable

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You are probably proud of lots of things in your career whether that’s signing lots of clients for your company or managing your team these are all things that the hiring manager should know about you. Now, the way to make the hiring manager aware of just how important what you’ve accomplished is by making your accomplishments measurable.

So, for example, don’t just say you’ve managed a team, say that you managed a ten people team. Or don’t just say that you signed lots of clients during your time with your previous company, say just how many you’ve managed to sign and in how much time you managed to do that. Making your results quantifiable will help you impress the hiring manager because any number is more impressive than no number. It is also important to try and show how this helped your company i.e. saved money, increased profits etc. All businesses want to know what you will be able to do for them.

An excellent resume can be a helping hand in your find a job struggle. It’s important to keep your resume simple and to include and write it in such a manner that the reader won’t have to struggle with it.

Do you have a resume that violates all of the above rules? Do you think that you will change it? Your thoughts and comments below please...