How to Create a Healthy Work Lunch When You Hate Veggies

If you tend to avoid all things green and have never met a vegetable that you actually were a fan of, then you probably struggle to make daily lunches that are good for you. It’s all too easy to reach for a steak sandwich and potato chips, or a burger and fries. But there are lunches that you can make that are health-conscious and that might actually change your mind when it comes to veggies. Follow this how-to guide on creating healthy work lunches when you hate vegetables.

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1. It's Pizza Day

Pizza at Work

Pizza is probably the world’s most popular food (or, at least, it’s up there). There is no better way to mask the taste of vegetables than eating a pizza. You will barely notice or taste them thanks to the gooey, melty, delicious cheese.

You can make your own pizzas at home and enjoy them cold or room-temperature at your desk -- even cold pizza is still good, since it’s pizza, after all. Or you can heat them up in the office kitchen toaster oven or microwave.

Start with your base: you can choose anything, from a whole-wheat pita, an English McMuffin, a piece of bread -- anything, really. Try to pick something that’s whole-grain or whole-wheat for the extra nutrition. Then layer on some homemade tomato sauce or use a jarred tomato basil version that doesn’t have any added salt or sugar. Then it’s time to layer on the cheese -- go low-fat if you want, and pick up a package of shredded cheese for your convenience and ease. You can pick any protein you want, from chicken strips to beef. And don’t forget to add some vegetables. Try mushrooms, red and green peppers. These have a mild flavor and will be masked by the cheese and tomato sauce. You are guaranteed to enjoy this lunch and might even start to crave it, which just means you can enjoy a healthy pizza any day of the week -- and can eat your veggies, too. It’s a win-win.

2. Get Creative With Hummus

If you love bringing a sandwich to the office, you don’t have to stop. Just change up your side (say goodbye to greasy potato chips) and dip some raw veggies into some interesting variations of hummus.

You can add anything to hummus. Either make your own or buy a classic, plain version from your local supermarket. Then add any vegetables: sundried tomatoes, green or black olives, spices -- the list goes on. Then just dip away. Try bringing a new vegetable each day of the week to get used to the taste and texture. This is a good way to ease yourself into enjoying vegetables since you’ll be eating so much creamy hummus with them that you will barely notice they’re there.

3. Enjoy Some Veggie Pasta

veggie pasta eat

Bring last night’s pasta dinner leftovers to work today for lunch -- just don’t forget to hide some veggies in the sauce.

It’s super easy to add vegetables to a homemade or jarred tomato sauce. Just cut up some celery and carrots into really tiny pieces and add them. You can also add some sliced broccoli florets or even peas if you’re feeling adventerous. With some low-fat shredded cheese on top, who doesn’t love a bowl of pasta? And now you can have it for lunch knowing that it’s healthy, too. Go the extra mile and trade the white pasta for whole-wheat or a quinoa or corn gluten-free version.

4. Just Add Cheese or Spices

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom got you to eat your broccoli by melting some cheese on top?

Well, you may be an adult now, but you can apply the exact same principle. Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

Bring a brown rice bowl to the office with the protein of your choice (beef, chicken, etc.). Add any combination of vegetables and melt some cheese on top in the microwave. It will mask the taste of the veggies and get you eating them. Easy.

You can also invest in some spice blends and sprinkle them on any variety or type of veggie. It’s a sure-fire way to get you used to the texture and to enjoying some extra flavor.

5. Try Some Indian Food

Indian food is so delicious thanks to the variety of sauces, and when you’re eating a delicious chicken curry, you don’t notice the vegetables in there, do you?

Bring a curry to the office and you’ve got an interesting, yummy lunch to look forward to all morning long. Just make sure you’ve got some cauliflower, broccoli or even eggplant in there, too.

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Not a fan of vegetables? Are you used to pushing them around on your plate, or telling yourself you’ll try a salad for lunch tomorrow (and then it never happens)? Well you’re in luck. With these 5 ideas for creating healthy work lunches even if you hate vegetables, you will never have to eat a plain bowl of steamed broccoli or sauteed kale again. You can enjoy pizza, hummus or even pasta. You might even start to enjoy veggies after all.

Do you hate vegetables? Are you thinking of trying any of the tips above?




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