How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in 10 Minutes

So, you’ve managed to finally get your business on social media: congratulations! You just did something today’s five year olds can do. So, you have your Facebook feeding, your Twitter tweeting but you feel like there’s something missing. Damn straight there is; a social media platform that now surpasses even Twitter users, Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing social media platform that today boasts a whopping 400 million users compared to Twitter’s 320 million.  So, how do you go about creating the perfect Instagram ad to get the potential traffic of these 400 million lunch photographers?

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Stay tuned because this can get a little complicated.

1. The Facebook Connection


First of all, you’ll need to connect your Instagram to your Facebook account to be able to create an ad/campaign and manage it. In basics, though, you are creating a Facebook ad that is then in turn promoted on Instagram. So, that’s just step one; it gets a little more exciting from here on out.

If you want to connect to a specific page, i.e. your business page, then go to the Instagram app, find the linked accounts, tap on Facebook and then choose from the list of pages you manage. If you don’t do this, Instagram will by default be linked to your personal timeline.

2. Download Power Editor Tool

After you have connected your Instagram account with Facebook, you will have to download Facebook Power Editor. Once you have that downloaded, go into settings and select Add An Account button (which should be located on the right hand side). If you already happen to have an account on Instagram then select Add An Existing Account by entering your Instagram username and password and then confirm it.

In the first scenario here, you can actually create a new account through Facebook.

3. Ad Type

Instagram or, more appropriately, Facebook offers three types of ads with three types of engagements. The types of ads offered are image ads, video ads and carousel ads (which is a set of images that rotate) and the different types of engagement are website clicks, video views and finally app installs. Therefore, you need to consider what you want your ads to do for you before choosing each type. Are you trying to promote your products or the service you offer? What market are you trying to target and what results are you expecting?

4. Target Audience


We’ve already talked about your audience but let me tell you this: there is a way to better hone your target audience. Due to the fact that Facebook has substantial information regarding people’s age, location and even interests, it gives you the option of tailoring your ad or campaign to a very, very specific audience. You can target gender, age, educational levels (even specific schools), connection type (mobile or device connection) and most terrifyingly: behavior.

Behavior targeting usually talks about income, homeownership and similar behaviors of what people do on Facebook. Usually the data used for these targets are provided by Facebook’s trusted data partners.

Do you have any other tips regarding Instagram ads? Let us know in the comment section below.