How to Create a Personalised Wellness Plan

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to lay off the pizza, Doritos, and every other mouthful of deliciousness out there.

A time when you simply have to take charge of your health.

Maybe it’s for a new year’s resolution. Or you’ve been inspired by someone.

Regardless of why.

Now is that time. Make a wellness plan.

Here’s how…

 I. Visualize the change

The first thing you need to do is assess where your health currently stands. Pay attention to what needs changing by considering your daily choices and their impact on your health. After that, it’s time to visualize. Think about those things you’d like to improve, change, or continue—long or short term. It could be anything. Maybe you want to drop weight or improve stress levels. Or maybe you suck at time management and would like to turn that into a strength.

It can be anything you want. Anything… Any—


Ok. Got carried away. But seriously. Wellness plans can encompass a combination of health goals, diet, and daily activities. But make sure to do your research. The more you know, the more effectively you’ll plan the necessary steps that’ll keep you focused on your goals. A plan which also helps you keep track of progress.

II. At least three is company.

Whatever you decide to focus on, make sure you pick at least three. So, if you’re stressing the stress levels, just fix those through meditation, sleep, and an effective way of resolving conflicts. Or maybe you want to lose weight? Just work on incorporating healthier eating habits.

Make sure your goals are clearly defined. If you want to lose weight, make sure to jot down your desired pound loss.

III. Divide and conquer

If you don’t breakdown your goals, you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of their ambition. But when you divide them into bite-sized, weekly goals, you’ll be pumped with confidence again. Also, make weekly tiny changes to each focus area.

IV. Friendly reminders.

Nothing helps keeping you on track more than having it down on writing. So pen a list of reasons why you’re doing this. Or print it. Then post it somewhere visible. That way, if you’re having a Debbie Downer day, you can tack a gander at that list and reminder yourself to keep kicking butt.

V. Treat yourself

I’m all about lists. And you should be too. So make another one! This time you’re writing a list of reward you’ll give yourself for meeting each of your micro-goals. Small rewards for the small accomplishments. Big rewards for the end goal. What kind of rewards? Anything that makes you feel tingly inside. Get your hair done, read a great novel, go to the movies, etc.

Whatever floats your boat. Oooh! Go sailing. That could be fun, too.

VI. Tracking Progress

Yeah, the sub-header says it all. Write everything down. Your feelings, struggles, accomplishments, etc. Print off a master list containing your goals, and check them off as they’re accomplished.

Now go out there and kick some butt.

And when the going gets tough… wear a helmet.

But seriously, we’ve all struggled.

Perseverance is for winners.