How To Create A Sensible Email Address

While looking for a job, minor details play a large role in whether or not you'll be hired. A potential employer may notice small details, that they are not fond of. For example, if your email address is , that may cost you the position. So, what is a good email address? Here's a guide regarding a sensible email address for the career world.

Why You Should Be Conscious of Your Email Address

  • Your credibility may be at stake. If your email address is unprofessional, it may be a deciding factor. The job market is highly competitive, every little detail counts.
  • Being conscious of a simple, professional email address is important. This will not only look better than a silly email address, it will send the right message. You're a serious person, who is forward in terms of where you want to be. Your email address can be viewed as your first handshake with a potential employer. It says more about you than you think.
  • If you have a straight forward email address, it will be easier for a potential client or employer to remember. Being contacted is the whole point of your email in the first place, don't make it a challenge for someone to reach out to you.

Tips On Choosing a Sensible Email Address

  1. The best email addresses will be your first and last name; that's it. Displaying for instance, is the most professional looking email address that you can create. It's clean and simple, displaying who you are. If you think that your unprofessional email address will be overlooked due to the strength of your application, don't be so sure. If your given name, last name or a combination has already been assigned; adding a full stop in between your names or a number on the end isn't the end of the world. Setting up an email account with Google is fast and simple. 
  2. You may also use your business name. If you are a small business owner for example, you may have a registered business name. This is also a more professional option if your name has already been assigned, or your business email is your primary account. If you are using your business account, just make sure you're properly filtering emails. It would be important to keep your business separate from job offers and applications (unless directly related to your business of course). As long as you're organised, choose an email system that works for you in terms of filtering.
  3. Do not use an email address that may be outdated in the near future. You should be choosing an email address that will last. You never know what response may pop up from the past. If you're no longer using that address, how will you know? For example, do not use a work email when contacting other places of employment. If you leave your current job, your email address will more than likely be eliminated. You never know who may contact you down the road, therefore a lasting email address is important.
  4. Avoid creating an email address that will be prone to typo's. It is quite possible that your email address will need to be handwritten at some point. You may need to handwrite your email on an application in person, or your employer may need to jot it down. If your email address contains six numbers on the end, it's more prone to be replicated wrong.
  5. Make sure your email address is not connected to anything that would jeopardize your chances of being hired. For instance; your email address being linked to your Facebook page. Just be conscious that there's a possibility that certain photographs may be viewed. Although you may be qualified and a hard worker, your potential employer may not want to see drunken photos of you.
  6. Use your own account. If you are sharing an email address with your partner that contains both of your names, it's important to create your own personal account. A potential employer is interested in speaking to you directly, not anyone else.
  7. It is ideal to not mention your age in anyway. This is not something that needs to be displayed. If your email address has '1960' on the end, your employer may assume that this is your birth date. Although age discrimination is illegal, it still occurs.

Don't lose out on job opportunities simply because your email address was not professional. Creating a new account is fast and easy, so why wait? If you would still like to use your current email address as well, no problem. Just make sure that you are checking your account created used for job searching daily. Set both accounts up on your phone. That way, you will know instantly that someone has contacted you. Respond in a timely fashion, and go from there. Your next job may be an email address away.