Create a Social Media Etiquette for Your Business

Social media has the power to promote your business to the wider public and increase your brand awareness as a result of generating bigger profits. In order to be successful, however, you need a plan as to how you can use the different social media networks to your advantage.  Since each social network has different features and ultimately ways of communicating with the target audience, you need to be able to exploit these to their full potential.

This infographic by TollFreeForwarding and Gryffin Media was designed to help you do just that! Check out what it says in reference to each of the following social media networks:


  • Schedule frequent updates.
  • Share useful and relevant entertaining content.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Use second person to describe your brand.


  • Keep your updates short and respond to comments quick.
  • Use plenty of hash tags.
  • Avoid posting too much personal information.


  • Use “hat-tips” to share other user’s work.
  • Put contacts in circles to share targeted content to the right people.
  • Make your posts easy and simple to read.
  • Share relevant information and mention people when  you are posting.


  • Pick a theme/story related to your company and create high-quality photos.
  • Use plenty of hash tags for your brand awareness.
  • Don’t overgram.
  • When posting someone else’s contact, mention the original poster.


  • Personalise connection requests.
  • Be personable but not personal through your posts.
  • Keep it professional and post industry-related content.


  • Make sure your links to other sites are working properly.
  • Use relevant visual content.
  • Create unique boards and accompanying description for each pin.

Have a look at the infographic to get more tips on creating your own social media etiquette for your business on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram!

Image courtesy of Digital Information World




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