How to Create an ‘About Me’ Page

The ‘About Me’ page is a very vital element of your blog. This is the page where you introduce yourself, give an overview of your blog and show visitors how they can reach you. People who are visiting your blog for the first time usually stop by the About page first to learn more about you and your business. You should therefore put in a lot of effort and time in creating this page.    

A typical 'About' page should include the following:

1. A photo of yourself

Photos are very important for a blog’s About page. Showing visitors what the blogger looks like makes interaction much easier. In addition, photos can be useful for breaking up the text on your page, thus making it more reader-friendly

2. A short bio

After they see what you look like, visitors will now want to know something about you. Talk about yourself in a succinct manner, only highlighting details which would be important to your readers. To give visitors an idea of your writing style, you could share links to some of your previous work.

3. A short summary of what your blog is about

Is your blog about home improvement, cookery, technology, health or business? Visitors would want to know this immediately they land on your pages. Share your reasons for starting the blog and what you hope to achieve with it. This offers you a great chance to show what distinguishes your blog from others in the industry.

4. A call to action

This is a statement which shows visitors what you’d like them to do after visiting your About page. Do you want them to follow you on Twitter or Google+? Or would you want them to subscribe to your RSS feed? You need to mention this clearly. For instance, ‘Looking for the best tips for sprucing your home? Follow me on Twitter and stay up to date!’ or ‘Sign up for my mailing list and receive weekly weight loss tips!’

5. Contact details

This information will make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Make sure your email address appears conspicuously on the About page. To protect the email from being harvested by bots, you could modify it into something like ‘me AT myblog DOT com’. Alternatively, you could display the email address in form of an image instead of text. Besides your email address, it would also be advisable to display links to your social media profiles.

When writing the About page, it can be difficult to make your mind up on what to include and what to leave out. Therefore, before making a decision, take time to figure out the short and long term goal of your blog. In addition, you need to consider the needs of your target audience. Make sure the page is as interesting as possible so as to retain the attention of your readers. However, remember to keep it brief and simple.    




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