How to Create Quick and Healthy Dinners With Just 5 Ingredients

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1. Grilled Ham and Mango Quesadillas
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Comprised of mango chutney, multi-grain tortillas, deli ham, queso fresco and green onions, this recipe is perfect for a quiet evening at home or even if you have company over. With prep and cook time, you’re looking at a delicious quesadilla in less than ten minutes. At 287 calories per serving, this meal is lean and full of healthy fats and proteins.

Not everyone has the time to create a wonderful 5-course meal in the evenings. Some of us, at best, have time to actually make something from scratch rather than microwave a Lean Cuisine. However, studies have shown that generally home-cooked meals are healthier and more enjoyable than most of the things we can throw in the microwave.

If you’re pressed for time or just not the world’s most oustanding chef, consider these easy evenings meals. They each require only 5 ingredients and are incredibly simple, yet fulfilling.

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