Create the Best Mission Statement with These Four Techniques

Create the Best Mission Statement with These Four Techniques

Business people have the huge task of coming up with the best mission statements for their companies. Since there are a million if not a billion businesses in the world today (and even more are started up by the day), the competition in the market is stiff. In order to penetrate the market base and beat your competitor, you need to be smart in your way of doing business. One crucial way of doing this is crafting the best mission statement.

By definition, a mission statement is a sentence or paragraph that describes the purpose of your business. Your statement can make or break your business enterprise. It is what will keep customers coming to you rather than your competitor, outline the future growth of the company and provide a platform where you ensure your team is on the same page as you.

Try these four tips to ensure you stay on top of your game with your statement;

1. Get to the basics

Before starting any company, you must have a defined purpose for it. You need to ask yourself why your company exists. This includes your target clients, how you plan to offer them the best goods or services and how they will benefit from what you are offering. The ability to articulate your purpose well will not only ensure you wipe out complacency within your business deals but also make sure your staff works towards a common goal.

2. Make it inspirational

If you intend to have people identify with your goals for the company, you have to make your statement as inspirational as possible. This is what encourages your employees to strive towards realizing the vision for the company. In addition, you might want to bring in the practical aspect to your mission statement by mentioning some activities that do that. For instance, you can include things such as environmental impacts and solutions it will bring to the user.

The average customer is looking for something more than the usual plausible and well-written statement. He also wants to know the contribution your product brings to the general environment, therefore, incorporate this aspect in your statement and it will go a long way.

3. Less is more

There is nothing that kills efficiency more than jargon and buzzwords. Humans prefer easy things in life so you might want to give them a statement that is quite simple and easy to remember. This goes for your team members as well as their work entails achieving these goals for you. Therefore, use understandable words and terms when choosing a statement that represents the purpose of your business.

4. Get straight to the point

Three words can convey more than a thousand if you are clever with your word choice and selective with the type of information you want to include. Besides lengthy mission statements are not attractive to the eye, hence why only a few people will get the information you are trying to put across.

The tips above simply guidelines to help you come up with the best mission statement. The rest of the work could very well depend on gut feeling, expert advice and teamwork. Bottom line is, a great statement reflects the purpose for your company in a specific, concise and an easily understandable language.

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