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How to create a perfect capsule wardrobe the Cabin Crew way.

Pack Practically

Packing for a trip and for any eventuality is a Cabin Crew specialty. We need to take into consideration what country we are visiting and the local customs and culture. We need to have outfits that will be multi-purpose whether going on a cultural trip, heading to a smart restaurant or suitable for tour around the local markets. As Cabin Crew we still represent the airline that we are working for, so have to keep up the standards and not draw any attention to ourselves by wearing something inappropriate. We want to pack light but be practical and fashionable too and ready for anything as well as saving on packing time.

Save Space

A capsule wardrobe is a great way of saving space but having a variety of outfits available. The idea is to have the least number of items but to be worn in different ways. These can be adapted for any woman going away for business or pleasure and she will always have the perfect outfit for any occasion! The capsule wardrobe is a godsend to the frequent traveler or the last minute packer.

Neutrals and Fabrics

A good start is to stay with neutral colours that can be easily mixed and fairly classic styles. These can be jazzed up with lightweight items (and easily packed) such as some fancy earrings or a classy bracelet or smart scarf. The best fabrics to use are cotton, silk and wool as they pack well and always adaptable to weather conditions. Linen is another option, although it doesn't pack so well it is forgiving with creases and is cool in the summer. Cotton jersey is great for always surviving the journey and looking good straight out the suitcase.

A top tip is to lay out all items before you pack them and check that you can make a number of outfits and things go together - there is no point packing a floral orange top, if it only goes with one item!

So what are the essential items?

1# A little black dress

2# A pair of jeans

3# A white shirt

4# A white camisole

5# A blue cashmere jumper

6# A black maxi skirt

7# A pair of beige ballet pumps

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8# A pashmina in your favourite colour

9# A bikini

10# A pair of sunglasses

Added extras – a pair of fancy earrings, an unusual bracelet and a pretty silk scarf for more variations and they don’t take up much space!




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