Creative Tension and How it Breeds Career Success


It is normal to set personal career goals after graduation or upon signing an employment contract. However, you may find yourself stuck in the rut, making little or no progress in your professional life regardless of your efforts. After a while, the ambitions you once held dear disintegrate into frustrations – a situation that can lead to anxiety disorders or creative tension. Unlike anxiety disorders, which can lead to stress-related complications such as diseases and addiction, creative tension is constructive. It helps you envision the gap between your current situation and your future dreams, enabling you to come up with ideas to help you succeed.

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Pinpoints Leverage

Leverage is the art of applying unique concepts to inspire you in your pursuit for career success. Creative tension sparks leverage by forcing you to adjust your time management, prioritization, goal setting and duty delegation practices. It also opens up your mind to alternatives, powering your drive to deploy the use of cutting edge technology to achieve your career goals. Additionally, you get the urge to grow your knowledge and pull in more resources towards your personal growth, enabling you to achieve your dreams.

Inspires Biomimicry

Creative tension makes you brainstorm and troubleshoot problems by observing how nature works – a phenomenon known as biomimicry. If your quest for a unique design or concept is boggling your mind and holding back your career, biomimicry helps you unlock your professional prowess. Biomimicry inspires ideas and allows you to look at life differently. Nature survives through good and bad times, adapting to the changes, and always gets better with time. Through observing nature, you learn to survive the harsh times and emerge victorious in your professional and personal pursuits.

Helps with Honest Self-Evaluation

Self-judgment is human nature; you will find yourself justifying your decisions and actions and looking for ways to punish or reward yourself. Creative tension plays a role in self-evaluation by helping you assess your career success and setbacks objectively. Consequently, you get to look at the gap between your vision and your current situation without getting emotional and losing control. Critical self-evaluation is also vital in establishing whether you may be celebrating too much while the reality is that you have only made limited progress.


Self-mastery improves your ability to control your social and professional life. For example, you assess your time usage and calculate the hours you waste, allowing you to improve time management and make your hours more productive. Such self-honesty helps you make conscious decisions to help you get closer to your dreams. Through self-mastery, you take control of your destiny by working harder at ensuring you are in charge of making your dreams a reality.

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In case you feel distressed by challenges you face in your professional life, do not fret; relax and take it as a hurdle that you must overcome to get closer to your dreams. The emotional tension you feel in you is a motivational factor that inspires you to aspire for more and make your dreams a reality.


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