Creative Ways Non Profit Organizations Can Use Social Media For Donations

If you are working in a nonprofit organization, asking for donations can be a tedious and uncomfortable task. Nowadays, as people are engulfed in their fast paced life, convincing them to stop and lend an ear is practically impossible. However, thanks to the exotic power that social media has, this grueling task can become easier in quite a lot of ways. All you need is a little bit of creativity to deliver required results.      

According to a recent study done by a research agency, it was found out that almost 30% of the online users would prefer to buy from a brand if their acquaintances and friends followed or liked the particular brand in social network sites. In other words, social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc influences the purchasing decision and it becomes a great tool for most of the nonprofit organizations to jump on this bandwagon and initiate some social media steps into the marketing policy and plan.

So in order to get some artistic juices flowing, the following are some of the social media strategies that can be easily incorporated into your nonprofit organization to drive donations.

 Live Conversations and Feeds From Twitter

It can be surprising to know that many individuals are using Twitter as an informative news source. About 40% of Twitter users feel that the news they get from Twitter are the materials which they won’t read from elsewhere. As a nonprofit organization, you would have various influential Twitter personalities like the CEO, reports from the volunteer sites, events and celebrations happening in the main office, etc.

Sharing such kinds of updates allows individuals to get connected with the actual event, even though the particular event is happening halfway around the world. And the surprising aspect is that those followers who would be tuning into the live feed would be the ones who are willing to donate for the cause.

One easy and creative way to steer individuals towards donation is through tweeting links of your charity landing page and making them know how their donation and active participation can create a difference.

Telling stories through Facebook

While Twitter is the best arena for short bursts of information, Facebook is the place to tell stories. A great means to engage individuals to like your Facebook page and share the feeds is by allowing them to share their stories and comments on yours. For example, on the Facebook page of Make A Wish Foundation, there are many names, pictures and stories of kids who have been touched by the efforts of the foundation.

People get moved by what they read and often express their liking through commenting and sharing various posts. Basically, it is this bond with the organization which will play a significant role in establishing the required drive for donation. This is why story telling is a great tool as it helps in establishing a good emotional connection.


A recent study done by Pinterest shows that the majority of users have made purchases after discovering the picture of the product on Pinterest. Frankly, this can be considered as a good social media investment that is worth investing for any nonprofit organization. All you have to do is create an interactive pin board with the snaps related to your cause.

Further, you can also upload the pictures of the commodities that you want to sell in order to drive the donations. Items like bands, bracelets, rings, etc have a great demand among most people and especially the ones sold for charity. Now to ensure that you get valid donation, you need to include the URLs to the landing pages in the Edit section of the pins and follow those individuals who would repin to your post from the given board to establish a relationship.

Generating donations from YouTube Contents

It is common for most people to be in limelight. Seriously, it not only makes you famous, but it could even get you to the position that you always craved for. The same tactic can be channeled into donations through campaigns on YouTube. Various commercial companies resort to such marketing gimmicks and they do get the required results. Even though your cause is related to charity, the goals in relation to commercial companies are the same.

Through the YouTube campaign, all you are trying to do is inspiring people to become actively involved in your cause and that too by sharing their thoughts through the user-generated contents. If you don’t have a YouTube account for your organization, then set it up and upload all the necessary contents into one single location.  Also, you could even have people send their videos to you and you could upload it on their behalf. This not only allows you to get some quality control, but even helps you to capture the email address when the submission occurs.

There is no shortage in the number of social media strategies that you could employ in order to promote your non profitable organization and get suitable charity.  The above four points are some of the best ones and you could go ahead and try them to get the desired results.        


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