Creative Ways to Take a Nap at Work

Creative Ways to Take a Nap at Work

Life and work generally are like two parallel moving trains. They overlap a bit when you’re getting off of one and getting on the other, but they usually stop so you can catch the next line. Unless it’s that one night when you go out with friends and partake a bit more zealously in the libations. Then the transition from life’s train car to work’s train car becomes a little more abrupt, even downright painful. While at full speed you must jump from one train car and slam violently into the roof of the other like a hijacker in a spaghetti western. You feel beat up, hung-over and groggy from lack of sleep, but here are a few ways to get around that:

Quit your job, work for Google

Do I really have to explain Google? Fine. It’s the tech giant that made their name a verb for searching the internet (I’m googling it, give me a sec). It is also the creator of the Android smartphone OS that accounts for 84.4% of the market in 2014 and will also probably own our souls by 2022.

From investing in research for the development of space elevators, teleportation and successfully creating a self-driving car, to say Google is innovative would be like saying Bill Gates makes a decent living. It’s a gross understatement. We’ll just stick with the innovative as there is no superlative to the innovative (innovativiest? Supercalifragalinnovativiest? The supreme grandmaster of innovation, that’s what I’m going for).

Anyhow, Google doesn’t just apply its innovations to the field of technology, but also the way they treat their employees. If you work for Google, you can nap in a $8000 pod that will gently vibrate you awake once your break is over. It even features speakers that play ambient music to lull you to sleep. Excuse me I have update my resume real quick.

Google, make it possible not to leave work

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Quit your job, move to Japan, work for Okuta or Hugo Inc.

Okuta is a Japanese home renovation firm near Tokyo that allows their employees to take a 20 minute power nap at their desk or in the staff lounge. Rome wasn’t built in a day and that new sink can wait for 20 minutes to be installed, it not like it’s going away. Actually its Japan, isn’t everything robotic there? It quite possibly could walk away. In any case you’ll still get your nap.

Another Japanese company Hugo Inc. near Osaka allows employees to take a 30 minute nap between the hours of 1-4pm. The Japanese even have word for sleeping on the job called inemuri which translates to ‘sleeping while present’ and is a sign of diligence and hard work. Anyone here know how to get a working visa for Japan?

Haruto is our best employee he works so hard he sleeps for most of the day

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Use your lunch break to catch those elusive Z’s

In most developed countries you are allowed a break during the work-day. What you do during that break is up to you. You can run errands, take a run or snooze. Most workplaces don’t offer a space dedicated to sleep (except Google which will run the world in the near future so we all might be working for them one day) but you can use your car. The seats lean back comfortably and it plays your favorite music. It’s like an improvised Google-esque sleeping pod, that can also take you anywhere in the world. Jealous much Google? That’s basically what their self-driving car is? Damn it Google!

You’re welcome for the idea

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Do sneak a few winks in during the work-day? Hopefully, you don’t do it on the clock because that’s unethical. Let us know how you recharge your batteries with a cat-nap in the comment section below!