6 Potential Creative Writing Jobs for College Students

creative writing word on notepad

Right from high school, many students are very passionate about writing even though a great number of them won’t end up as a creative writing major in university. Possessing creative writing skills can give students the opportunity to express their creativity to the fullest, find fulfilment and earn extra money. The internet has made it possible for anyone to work from anywhere in the world and improve one’s skills regularly with digital tools and courses.

To be visible to companies and potential clients, students can add their profession titles with the related skills on their social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. What started as a part-time job for some people eventually became a full-fledged career after graduation, and they are having the time of their lives. Perhaps you are considering starting a writing career, here are some of the best.

1. Proofreading

If you are really particular about having great attention to detail with proofreading skills that are top notch, proofreading might be a great choice for you. It involves checking and correcting errors in written materials before they are finally printed or published. Potential clients will often ask for writing samples and you will be asked to take proofreading tests in case you want to work for proofreading companies. Proofreading tests can be carried out online in order to evaluate your proficiency. A great place to put your proofreading skills to good use is in college by proofreading your classmates’ essays, dissertations and any other academic material. There are also many opportunities on job boards. 

2. Blogging

Almost everyone now has a blog, but it takes more than a domain name and blogging platform to make a huge difference. Blogging is a time-consuming profession that requires a lot of dedication, but it is rewarding. The most important thing is to use the platform to add value from time to time. Student bloggers can find a way to create a flexible schedule if they are really passionate about it. Monetizing a blog can be achieved through affiliate marketing, product reviews and banner ads. You can also work for brands that need an expert to manage their blogs once you are highly skilled at blogging.

3. Article Writing

As we are all aware that writing for the web is quite different from writing for print, this has led to an increasing demand for skilled writers with a deep understanding of for the web nuances plus the ability to write for a target audience. High-quality content is always needed by companies and individuals on various topics and they are ready to pay for it. Apart from the money that will be earned from article writing, students also benefit as they research about the topics. This increases their knowledge base generally and it can be applicable to their school work.

4. Online Copywriting

It is one of the highest paying creative writing jobs with a flexible schedule. Online copywriting is an ever-growing profession because there is a decline in the demand for offline copywriters. The profession involves creating copy that promotes and describes products and services like space adverts, online sale letters, marketing emails and white papers. Copywriters may decide to work for advertising agencies or become a freelancer.  

5. Essay Writing

Many students find academic writing demanding and therefore hire the services of expert essay writers. The workload of studying can be really heavy at times and the available time may not be sufficient to meet an assignment or essay submission deadline. Other times, most students work part-time to support themselves in college. An essay writing service is also a viable option for those who lack the required skills. You can start by writing essays for your peers and ask for feedback before delving into online essay writing.

6. Social Media Manager

This set of professionals is responsible for creating and implementing social media strategies for brands of all sizes. In addition, they assist in growing the follower base of social media profiles, increase user engagement by interacting with the audience and handle campaigns. Just like any other freelancing job, it’s possible to work anytime, and students can find a way to make it fit around their timetable.

Have you ever considered any of the position above? Let us know in the comments section below…