Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes the World’s Best-Paid Player

Gareth Bale’s big night was replaced by Cristiano Ronaldo’s bid day as Real Madrid followed up the Welshman’s debut with the announcement of the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo's extended contract. Cristiano Ronaldo will keep on playing for Real Madrid until 2018, by which time he will be 33 years old.

Real Madrid Management Team has not disclosed information about the new salary or whether he was handed a re-signing fee but some sport publications suggest he will be on as much as €18m a year after tax, plus 50% of image rights, making him the world’s highest paid footballer. Ronaldo had entered into the final two years of his deal, strengthening his hand and increasing concerns that he would choose to move on, possibly even for free, but this fear has now been put to bed.

The young athlete has scored 204 goals in 203 games for Real Madrid and it is expected that he will finish his career as the club's all-time leading scorer.

He had thanked those clubs which had shown an interest in him and stated: "I respect the clubs that knocked on the door to ask about me but they know that my only goal was to play for Real Madrid. Maybe at the end of my career; I don't know what the future holds but I am here and I am happy."

According to Cristiano, money is not all in his decision as he affirmed: "That's not the most important thing," he said. "Is money important? Yes, it is but it is not the priority. The priority was the project for the future. It does not matter if I am the first, second or third best-paid player in the world." Before this renewal he was not in the top three at all: those positions were occupied by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Radamel Falcao and Lionel Messi.

He added: "Maybe I was a little sad. Perhaps I should not have said it so publicly: I made a mistake there, I am not perfect but that is normal: it happens to everyone. You have good days and not so good ones. That chapter is closed now; I am happy – happy to be here for another five years."

And then he popped his glasses back on and, pulling a face and laughing, posed for another round of photos.

What can we learn from Cristiano Ronaldo new deal?

  • If you are good in your job, there is always opportunity for a raise.
  • Show respect for those who have interest in you as an employee and be thankful for their support.
  • Express your happiness for being part of your current working team.
  • Focus on your future project and emphasize that money is not yoru motivating factor. 




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