How to Cure Your Fear of Failure With Communication

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Your fear of failure can hold you back from finding true success in your career. You can use communication to cure that fear of failure from robbing your professional life of success. Become a positive self-talker and daily encourage yourself to overcome failure. Communicate with a trusted mentor to help you find your center and remove the fear of failure from your professional mindset. Don’t be afraid to participate in team projects where you will need to utilize positive communication to succeed in the group. Join online communities for a chance to connect with other like-minded positive professionals.

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1. Use Positive Self-Talk

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One of the best ways to begin to cure your fear of failure with communication is to use positive self-talk. You can be your own worst enemy or best source of inspiration. Using the technique of positive self-talk helps you to communicate with yourself in a manner that changes your perspective. You start to realize that failure is not an option. Positive self-talk can cure your negativity and neutralize your fear of failure. There are various ways that you can implement positive self-talk into your day.

Start out your morning by standing in front of a mirror and speaking motivational quotes over your life. You may feel weird at first by doing this in front of a mirror. However, if you truly want to cure your fear of failure, you need to convince yourself that you are no longer afraid. Seeing yourself in a mirror as you speak the positive self-talk will reinforce your drive to overcome that fear. Listen to motivational speakers on your commute to work or during your lunch break. Repeat the inspirational words that are said and don’t worry if anyone driving by sees you talking to yourself. Remember, you’re on a mission to use communication to cure your fear of failure.

2. Communicate with a Mentor

Positive self-talk is a great start to curing your fear of failure through communication. However, you need to take the process further and communicate with a mentor. Having a trusted advisor to communicate with is an important part of the curing process to help you start to gain your confidence back. The advisor can be a sounding board where you can communicate your fears and reasons why you think you’re going to fail. Sharing your feelings of inferiority, can become a cathartic experience because you’ve let your fears out and can be open for scrutiny.

Make certain that you work with a reliable person who won’t blab about your fears all over the office. That would definitely be counterproductive to your plans to cure your fear of failure. Give this mentor permission to constructively assess your thoughts and fears. You want him to provide you with constructive feedback on how you can develop more confidence in your professional abilities. This mentor must have a bird’s eye view of your daily professional life so that she can make honest suggestions to you about where you’ve held back at work from taking new opportunities because you’ve been too afraid you’d fail. You may want to keep a written or digital record of your current work tasks, as well as career updates. Run any new career decisions by this mentor because you want to avoid stagnation by allowing your fear of failure to ruin your chances of advancement. The mentor can help you to recognize specific examples from your daily work life where you actually succeeded. Schedule regular meetings—at least once a month, or as often as once a week—with your mentor so that you make a concerted effort to cure your fear of failure.

3. Participate in Team Projects

You need to say yes to participating in team projects. Sure, you’re going to be scared about joining a team project at work. You may even try all kinds of ways to avoid being placed on a team, like avoiding eye contact with your manager during a team meeting, or being absent from work when team projects are assigned. However, if you want to get away from this fear, you shouldn’t run away from participating in team projects. Face it and run to these types of projects with open arms. Just don’t look too excited or you may scare fellow team members away!

Communicating in team settings gives you the opportunity to face your fears of failure in a positive way. You won’t be able to sit alone, wallowing in self-pity while working by yourself. Working on a team project means that you need to actually talk to others in a professional setting and work together to accomplish a project. Once you finish a team project and savor the satisfaction with others, you’ll realize that you didn’t fail, but actually achieved success. Along the way, you’ll be able to connect with team members and pick up tips on how they overcome their own fears.

4. Join Online Communities

Joining an online community group is another way that you can cure your fear of failure through communication. This behind the scenes type of communication method is perfect if you are not as socially adept and are more introverted. It’s especially good if you have a hard time being vulnerable and exposing your fear of failure to others in person. You can communicate in these online communities or through private messaging with group members in a manner where you can feel free to face your fears without judgment.

Consider joining one of the wide varieties of online community groups on Google+ or LinkedIn. Connect with other professionals in these online groups to share your fear of failures. Ask questions to others who have achieved professional success. You can learn a lot of helpful information from professionals and others at the same level you’re at, who have made an effort to face their fears and do what it takes to succeed. Communicate through asking pertinent and intelligent questions on blog posts that members share in the community. Face your fear of failure. Post your own article that shares your story or thoughts on how to get ahead in your profession. Share it even if you’re afraid and think you’ll fail. Ask a question in your status when posting the article so that you can engage in conversation with others. Any type of online interaction with group members, can help to motivate you toward success.

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You most likely won’t get cured overnight of your fear of failure. However, if you make an effort to utilize these four communication methods, you’ll take immediate strides in the right direction. Get started by changing your perspective with positive self-talk. Don’t worry, in this instance, it’s okay to talk to yourself! Link up with a mentor who has proven himself successful and can help you on your own journey toward professional success. Face your fears and get assigned to participate in team projects, even if you have to ask your manager to assign you to one. Not only will you show him your initiative, you’ll also be taking positive steps to cure your fear of failure. Get active making connections online with professionals who can help steer you in the right direction.

Have you used any of these communication methods to aid in curing your own fear of failure? Let us know in the comments section below.