The 143 Best CV Buzzwords that Will Get You a Job

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Your CV needs to have the right keywords that will make you stand out from the crowd. The best thing you can do with your CV before you send it to employers is to proofread and double-check the content. You should do this not only to make sure it’s grammar or error-free but also to ensure that it provides the buzzwords that employers want to see.

Using the correct keywords not only makes your CV easy for recruiters to scan, it makes it easily searchable online and also more likely to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems being used by many companies now.

We have compiled a list of the best buzzwords to include in your CV.

Project management

Managing projects is an important skill in any corporate role, and it might be good to refer to a couple of real-life examples that show evidence of that. If these action verbs are used effectively, they can highlight your decision making and leadership abilities.

1. Controlled

2. Operated

3. Oversaw

4. Organised

5. Executed

6. Planned

7. Produced

8. Coordinated

9. Programmed

Coming up with ideas/Creativity

Think about how creative you were in your last job when you had to work in a group or individually. Were your ideas practical, useful and easy-to-implement? Show your brainstorming abilities using these words.

10. Built

11. Created

12. Designed

13. Devised

14. Founded

15. Formed

16. Formalised

17. Established

18. Implemented

19. Initiated

20. Incorporated

21. Launched

22. Pioneered

Conducting research

If your last job had anything to do with research, you can talk about anything that has to do with investigating and exploring. Just skip the part where you say ‘responsible for’ – this phrase is overused, and employers are tired of seeing it on CVs.

23. Analysed

24. Assessed

25. Evaluated

26. Interpreted

27. Investigated

28. Mapped

29. Measured

30. Qualified

31. Quantified

32. Explored

33. Discovered

34. Audited

35. Examined

36. Calculated

37. Surveyed

38. Tested

Helping the company to save time/money

While they want to get to know you through your CV, employers are more interested in getting to know what you can do for them. With these powerful words, you can describe what you did for your last boss and give some hints about what you can do for them.

39. Conserved

40. Consolidated

41. Decreased

42. Deducted

43. Reduced

44. Yielded

45. Lessened

46. Diagnosed

Evidence of work performance

When talking about how you performed in your last job, employers are interested to hear how you managed time and available resources.This is to do with productivity and efficiency, and you should prepare some sentences that explain how you managed to improve business profits or anything else you have done for the company that’s worth mentioning in your CV.

47. Accelerated

48. Achieved

49. Advanced

50. Boosted

51. Delivered

52. Expanded

53. Enhanced

54. Gained

55. Generated

56. Improved

57. Maximised

58. Amplified

59. Stimulated

60. Sustained

Evidence of contribution

Ideal for when you are talking about a change that you suggested, an improvement you have made in a certain area of work that wasn’t operating in the way that was expected or delivering to standard.This should be something big, and it’s good to use these buzzwords alongside quantified examples to make a bigger impact.

61. Centralised

62. Clarified

63. Converted

64. Customised

65. Integrated

66. Merged

67. Modified

68. Redesigned

69. Refined

70. Refocused

71. Remodelled

72. Reorganised

73. Restructured

74. Replaced

75. Simplified

76. Strengthened

77. Updated

78. Upgraded

79. Transformed

80. Volunteered

Managing a team

If you are applying for a management role, you should use words that show what you have done to ‘lead’ and ‘manage’ a team. Instead of using these two – which are the most common and obvious ones, try the following:

81. Influenced

82. Managed

83. Maintained

84. Motivated

85. Supervised

86. Guided

87. Aligned

88. Hired

89. Inspired

90. Facilitated

91. Enabled

92. Directed

93. Cultivated

94. Taught

95. Trained


If you are describing a situation where you had to work externally to come up with new partners or find other businesses that would help the company tap into new resources or get more funding, use these power words:

96. Negotiated

97. Acquired

98. Forged

99. Partnered

100. Secured

Helping customers

It’s important to know how you work with clients because what you do and how you handle requests reflects the company itself. On your CV you have to show how you are meeting the needs of the customers, and to what extent did you manage to do what was required of you.

For example, did you have to take initiative? Use these words to show your contribution to the company and the dedication you showed to customers in your previous roles.

101. Advised

102. Advocated

103. Coached

104. Consulted

105. Educated

106. Informed

107. Resolved

Communicating with others

Everyone is different and communicates differently. Showing how you managed to do that effectively in your previous role starts with using a variety of action words that although have pretty much the same meaning, can add more variety to your CV. Use the following words to describe the different forms of communication including writing, speaking, lobbying and presenting.

108. Conveyed

109. Authored

110. Corresponded

111. Critiqued

112. Conveyed

113. Composed

114. Counselled

115. Documented

116. Defined

117. Edited

118. Persuaded

119. Promoted

120. Publicised

121. Reviewed

122. Lobbied

123. Illustrated

Leading a group

Employers prefer to hire people who are born leaders. Leadership can be expressed in many different ways, though the best way to do is to use any of these buzzwords:

124. Authorised

125. Delegated

126. Ensured

127. Enforced

128. Monitored

129. Inspected

130. Screened

131. Verified

Achieving something

These are more general words and probably the ones you will find useful because they can describe a range of situations and activities that you were involved with in your previous roles. Consider using these to make a bigger impact and emphasise how successful you were while on the job.

132. Attained

133. Awarded

134. Completed

135. Demonstrated

136. Earned

137. Exceeded

138. Outperformed

139. Reached

140. Showcased

141. Succeeded

142. Surpassed

143. Targeted

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It’s important to note that recruiters look for evidence of words like detail orientated in actions rather than the meaningless phrase.

You need to use these words in sentences that explain how you have applied your skills.

Are you using enough of these buzzwords in your CV? Let us know in the comments section below…