Daily Social Media Marketing To Do List

Social media marketing is an integral part of marketing in general. You can’t succeed in the online world without having a presence on multiple social media websites. Unfortunately, it’s something you have to concentrate on every day. You need to dedicate a large portion of your busy day to social media management.

There are so many tasks you have to complete to make everything work. This is why I provided you with a to-do list for your daily social media marketing needs.

Follow this list each day and you can’t go wrong!

Sign in to your Accounts

You don’t want to be wasting time scrabbling around for passwords to access your social media accounts each day. Every minute counts. Have your login information available and sign in to each of your accounts. Now you’re ready to begin the day properly.

Begin with What Came In

Social media is so powerful because it allows you to connect directly with customers. You’re going to receive messages and comments 24-hours-a-day. Begin by looking at your notifications and replying to anything that’s come in overnight. You need to build your reputation as a company that listens to and acts on what customers are saying.

Respond quickly and in detail to create a better impression.

Manage Reputation

Search for any negative comments made about your company. Most social media networks offer a search bar where you can enter your company name. If you do spot any bad comments, reply to them and attempt to solve the problem in time. It’s the best form of damage control.

Even if the complainer doesn’t respond well to your attempts at solving the problem, onlookers will see you have at least made an effort to sort the issue.

Add Something New

Keep things ticking over by posting something new at least once a day. It can be anything from a status update to an image or video. Ask your followers some questions so you can increase the number of people responding to you.

If you want to speed this process up, download software like HootSuite. This will help you to post new content automatically.


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Respond to a comment, ask a specific follower a question, or just ‘like’ something they post. By reaching out to at least three people every day, you keep your name firmly within their minds.

At the same time, you should be connecting with completely new people. Make an effort to expand your network by introducing yourself.

Discuss and Join In

Search for mentions of yourself and your competitors. Join in any discussions involving issues relevant to your industry. This will enable you to demonstrate your expertise to customers and potentially show people you exist in the first place. Customers often come across brands simply by seeing a reply they’ve posted.


Let the creative juices flow by dedicating a portion of your day to new ideas for social media content. Write down anything that comes into your head, even if you’re not sure you’ll use it. This gives you a fluid set of ideas to keep everything moving along.

Watch Your Metrics

You have to always ensure what you’re doing is working. Your metrics help you to track the success of specific status updates. Get into the habit of checking them each day to spot trends. What’s working and what isn’t? It’s your job to react accordingly.

Overall, take as long or as little time as you feel is necessary to make social media work to your benefit. Don’t worry too much about the time. Many of these tasks can be automated by choosing the right third-party software packages. Begin researching different ways to make your social media to do list more efficient today.

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