How to Date an Entrepreneur

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It sounds fun, doesn’t it? Dating an entrepreneur I mean. What’s not to love? He/She will likely earn a healthy ‘salary’, they can take time off when they please (after all they are the boss, right?), they will be full of energy as a boss so surely their energy will be the same in their personal relationships too… Think again.

What to expect…

Entrepreneurs are highly driven, determined, egotistical and narcissistic people (in the best way possible, of course). They need to have these character traits to succeed in the demanding and incredibly challenging world of entrepreneurship. More often than not, they will be loners who are unable to commit enough time and energy to a loving relationship which sees them being left behind in their love life, whilst being full steam ahead in their professional life. The fact is, most people cannot handle the ups and downs of dating an entrepreneur. They may be grateful of the ups, but the downs quickly make them forget all about the positives.

For many, they admire the entrepreneurial spirit that entrepreneurs have and they’re actually attracted to that. What is difficult, though, is knowing how to date one.  

Tips on dating an entrepreneur…

#1 He/she will be busy, a lot. Learn to date yourself!

That’s right. You need to mentally prepare yourself for spending a lot of time alone. Even when you are with your partner, they will likely be very preoccupied and attached to their mobile phone or email; ready for any eventuality to do with their business. You will therefore need to be content with your own company, or at the very least, be sure to have a close circle of friends around you.

#2 Don’t change who you are to suit who he/she is

The lifestyle that your other half lives in order to maintain their success as an entrepreneur may seem daunting or intimidating at first. But it is important that you focus on your own strengths and goals, and do not let his/her success in life overshadow your own achievements or self-development. The key is to support each other in what you individually do best.

#3 Be present

Don’t bother looking forward to ‘date night’ on a Friday because the likelihood of your partner being able to guarantee they will be available is low. They could change plans with you right up until the last minute in exchange for an important business meeting with a key investor. You therefore need to be willing to be available on more of a ‘last minute’ basis if you want to catch some quality time together.

#4 Be interested in what they do

Entrepreneurs are, to an extent, egotistical. They are proud of what they have achieved and what to show it off – and why not? They have got to where they are in life with this approach, so it should be celebrated rather than berated. You need to be their no.1 supporter, their biggest fan, their shoulder to cry on when things are rough and their biggest believer that they can achieve all their goals. If your entrepreneur partner is in the technology business, show an interest in this, and if you know nothing about technology – ask them! The more interested you are and the more you learn about their line of work, they easier it will be to understand their business activity and hectic schedules.

#5 Stay positive and optimistic

Entrepreneurs thrive on taking risks, but this is because they are able to see the opportunity in everything and to keep positive, even in the face of adversity. You also need to have these characteristics if you are going to bond with your partner on a deeper level. You both need to keep positive no matter how big the risk or how hard they may fall if a business deal goes wrong. There will always be ups and downs when running a business and so positivity and having an optimistic outlook are vital.

Entrepreneurs are a fine breed, but a difficult one nonetheless when it comes to dating. You need patience, understanding and the ability to be independent in order to succeed in such a relationship. You may feel as though you are second to their business, but so long as you understand their need to remain on the pulse at all times, you will come to see that it is just the entrepreneurs way of juggling their business and love life at once.

Could you date an entrepreneur? Do you currently date one? What tips could you add to this list to help those who are struggling to cope in this type of relationship? Please add your comments below.

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