How to Deal with a Lazy Boss

Got a boss who is slow to respond, unmotivated, or always goofing off? When you have a boss who demonstrates lazy behaviour on the job, it can cause the entire staff to have a hard time completing their work. After all, if the boss can get away with slacking, then everyone else can too. Supervisors are supposed to set an example of hard work, but they don’t always do this well. They are people too, with their own character flaws. 

Don’t let a lazy boss get in your way of success! Here, we will instruct you on how to deal with a lazy boss and get back to a more productive workplace.

Work to Your Highest Standards 

Just because your boss is lazy, it does not mean that you have to lose your motivation to come in each day and complete your job. In fact, by keeping your work ethics up you may even motivate your boss to take care of their job related duties as they are supposed to. Alternatively, every boss has someone over them; you may catch the attention of his or her boss and find yourself the new boss of your co-workers. Carry on and always work to your best standards so that you don’t fall into the bad habits your supervisor has. 

Show Your Boss What It is Like to Be Lazy

Other times your boss may not notice that, they are being lazy. When this occurs, you may need to give them a taste of their own medicine one day. Choose a day to come in to work and do the minimum requirements so your boss can see how frustrating it is when they are the one having to deal with a lazy employee. Please keep in mind this should be a “one time” thing, if you value your job. An example could be during a slow period, make it a point to wait 24 hours before responding to any of your boss’s emails. 

Carefully and Tactfully Express Concerns to Your Boss

Your boss more than likely is not going to be accepting if you come right out and tell him that they are lazy. (Who would?!) However, a good boss will respect a professional comment from an employee who has concerns about the best interests of the business. Keep in mind, this is something, that should be done in private (one-on-one) and you want to choose your wording correctly. Regardless, of the boss being lazy, they are still the boss. Show respect, but also concern for the company’s well-being in order to open the doors of communication. 

How to talk about this?

  • Focus on bottom line aspects of the business where delays in response have caused client problems. 
  • Give a specific scenario and talk about the behavior, NOT your boss directly. 
  • Share how you would like to see things go more positively in the future. 

Last Resort - Go To His or Her Boss

If you have tried all of the above and nothing has helped, it could be time to go over your boss’s head and talk to their boss in confidence. You are not trying to get your boss fired, but express concerns to the person they report to if their laziness is causing the workplace to not be as successful as it should. Their boss is going to appreciate this and hopefully will do something to fix the issue at hand. 

When your boss is lazy, you have two options – just go with the flow or do something about it. It is suggested that you do something about it because if the business goes downward so does your job. This can be a slippery slope, so when taking action make sure that you proceed with caution. You want to keep your job so do not become bent on trying to make your boss lose theirs.

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