How to Deal with Employees Who Don't Get Along

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Being a business owner will, at times, make you feel like you are a teacher in a kindergarten. Your employees will – unfortunately – behave like toddlers too much. They’ll get hyped when there’s cake to be shared in the office. Their productivity levels will be non-existent close to the holidays. And when they fight or don’t get along with each other you might make you feel like you need to put them in two separate rooms and go cry in the bathroom for a while.

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But, in order for employees to reach the peak of their productivity levels they need to be friends with each other. In fact, research has shown that employees who make friends at work are more productive. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand what colleagues that don’t get along means in terms of productivity in the workplace.

And this is precisely how it becomes your problem; if two employees are refusing to cooperate it not only affects their productivity it affects the entire workplace environment. And, in order to get the most out of your employees during the workday, it’s important that they feel like they are in a happy workplace. So if you realize that something is off between two employees you need to deal with it hands on.

1. Identify the Problem

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While it may seem counter-productive to spend time trying to figure out why two employees don’t get along, it’s important that you do because this will affect how you deal with it.

It could be, for example, that they don’t get along because one is a slacker, and the other has to pick up the work. So by identifying the slacker, you’ll be able to deal with that person more effectively.

If they don’t get along for personal reasons, you should make it clear to them that their personal lives have no place in the workplace and that if they don’t try to get along on a professional level, there are going to be severe consequences.

2. Do Not Threaten Them

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The key here is not to come off as threatening. You simply need to be clear that their relationship is causing problems in the workplace and that that is unacceptable. Be friendly when you discuss these matters with your colleagues and make sure to talk privately with each one of them, as well as the two of them together.

Don’t get carried away, you are not their psychologist, you are their boss and you have to make it clear to them that certain things are expected from them.

3. Follow Up

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Do not meet with them once and then think that the matter has been put to bed. Observe them closely, and make it clear to them that you are keeping an eye on the situation. Wait a few days and then meet with them again. See what they have to say and if any progress’s been made.

Hopefully, your employees will have realized that they need to put their hatred for each to sleep, but if they haven’t, make it clear to them that you are not happy about the situation and that you want the best for the office and that they are disruptive to the work of the other employees.

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If things don’t improve after you’ve taken the three steps discussed above see if you can separate the two employees, if not let them know that they will go through a probation period and that if by the end of it they still can’t get along, you’ll need to consider more drastic measures.

Have you ever had a serious problem with a coworker? What happened? Share with us in the comment section below.




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