How to deal with the Anxiety of Flying and avoid a Career Halt

Especially with the the airline disasters that have occurred in the last month, it is imperative to discover a way to deal with the anxiety of getting on an airplane. The fear of flying can have a big impact on your career.

The fear of flying is more dangerous than flying. When we are stifled with such fear; we could turn down opportunities to attend important business meetings, conferences, workshops or seminars. Even when we get on a plane we become so nervous we cannot have a decent rest before an important business assignment. The anxiety can be surmounting as you emerge from the trip exhausted and drained. What if you want to work on the flight? The anxiety can also sap your productivity.

Some have resorted to taking medications before an airline trip, but such medications could leave you blurred. If you are about to meet a client or offer a presentation to an audience you need to be sharp and ready, and medications won’t help you attain that.

According to surveys about 25% of people are nervous about air travel. According to another poll, 36% of Americans are afraid to fly internationally because of the political turmoil in other parts of the world. All these states the obvious that millions are anxious about air travel.

How can we deal with the fear of air travel or the anxiety involved, as many have turned down jobs and promotions that will require them to fly? It has become apparent that the fear of flying can keep you from rising the corporate ladder and here are measures you can take to deal with it.

Take Advantage of Technology and Programs

If you are a careerist or a worker bee there are online resources you can take advantage of. There are also apps that can help you get your fears under control. With such tools you can limit the damage the fear of flying can have on your career.

Captain Tom Bunn, a licensed therapist and airline captain offers one-on-one counseling and sells DVD to help combat the anxiety of flying. His company SOAR has developed an app to manage anxiety on the go. They have videos, turbulence forecasts and relaxation exercises.

Airport and Airline Workshops

Many airlines and airports offer workshops to help nervous flyers. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic amongst other international airlines offer programs to help you deal with such fears of flying. At the San Francisco International airport a fear of flying clinic will hold and run five workshops this year. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International convenes a fear-of-flying class every month, and an advanced session which would help you test your coping strategies on an actual flight.


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America publishes articles and provide resources to help you overcome the fear of flying.

Simple Techniques

The truth is that best cure for fear of flying is flying itself. The more you expose yourself to flying the easier it is for you to deal with the anxieties of flying. You could also try techniques as performing slow controlled rythmic breathing. 

Hopefully these tips will help you cope and combat the fear of flying.


Sourced Image: Anxious Flight