How to Deal with Your Male Colleagues During Movember

Movember, or No Shave November, is a movement in November that brings awareness and raises money for prostate cancer, much in the same way pink brings awareness for breast cancer in October. Movember can be a really humorous month as male co-workers attempt to grow out facial hair-- especially if you work with younger men, it’s interesting to see budding beards around the office.

But the further into Movember you get... well, less funny it can become. Though the movement is for an excellent cause and there’s no reason to drag anyone down with negativity. Instead, get in on the fun or make some hilarious memories about the time the 22-year-old in your office tried to grow a full beard.

Movember is a true test of a man’s genetic ability to sprout facial hair, and in some cases, it just never happens. Try as they might, and as hard as they wish and hope, some men are never going to grow facial hair; but, if you get the chance, compliment him on what does grow in. It’s okay to take note of and acknowledge facial hair in Movember; every guy in your office is going to be talking about it, so you can, too. Just remember: no negativity.

For women, Movember can be a time to show solidarity in the fight against cancer. Many women will forgo shaving their armpits (if they did to begin with) and legs. Remember that this isn’t a lack of hygiene or personal laziness. It’s a show of support for a really important cause, and if you bring it down by making snide comments or asking rude questions, you can expect to become an instant enemy in the office.

Some additional tips if you’re not feeling motivated in Movember:

  • Remember that while the cause is a good one, most people participate for fun, too; the added awareness it raises for prostate cancer is a plus, but most men are going to use this month as a bonding experience with other men and women. 
  • You don’t have to be a man to participate! But if you’re not comfortable not shaving, you can always buy a t-shirt or a sticker for your car or phone.
  • Making fun of someone for enjoying and participating in Movember (or any cause, really) is a quick way to make them dislike you. Even if you don’t like the way it’s celebrated, keep your snide comments and sarcastic remarks to yourself. Being civil and polite is basic office etiquette, anyway.

Men all around the world participate in Movember to show support for victims and survivors of prostate cancer; it raises awareness and helps bring in funds necessary for research and treatment.

While Movember may be fun, it’s important to remember the cause around it. Being negative towards someone or frustrated with them because they choose to participate reflects very poorly on you, so the best way to deal in Movember is to simply enjoy a month of male bonding and cancer awareness. Once December hits, feel free to pass out some razors.


Image: iStock