Dealing With Everything as the Oceans Rise

They say that it’s only a matter of time before the oceans will rise up. Glaciers are melting, supposedly, and the coastlines of America and all the rest of the world will slowly sink into the deep blue. Apparently there’s nothing we can do, as people, to change these impenetrable facts backed by men and women of science, industry, politics, fear-mongering, money-grubbing, etc. etc. Might as well learn how to deal with it all. No?

But how can us puny humans cope with such a thing as the eventual rise of the oceans? The planet is nearly covered in water. Our bodies are made up of much of the same. Does this mean that the planet is a microcosm of the human anatomy?

There is your answer.

We have to face ourselves; and through such a task we can overcome the worst of odds. If our bodies have begun revolting against themselves, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe it entices up to wake up from our slumbering stupors. And if our planet is in revolt against its own life, then maybe it’s like a mirror. We must break down that which separates us from being whole. This is fancy-talk for saying that the more we ignore and sweep under the rug the more everything will come back and bite us where the sun don’t shine.

Put it this way. If your foot falls asleep, do you let it snooze? Or do you wake it up in order to keep on walking?

It’s almost easier in today’s world to ignore everything. There are so many distractions. There are so many things to keep us busy. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe there’s a reason for being so consumed with a lot of trivial crap. It helps to keep us distracted from the happenings of the planet which is slowly sinking, taking on water. Now if you were to be paying attention to why or how the world was ripped and reamed with holes, you might end up doing something about it. Like, say for instance, complaining. That even a movie as shitty as Waterworld could make millions of dollars. What’s up with that?

Indeed. What’s up with that? Perhaps this is one of the first meaningful steps towards dealing with everything: citing that a problem even exists. It’s a lot harder to deal with something you cannot observe or analyze. And if you don’t accept that there is a problem, then the facts become more insipid garbage to haul out the back of your mind.

Which brings me to the point in question: why is there so much strangling debate over the facts of what has been happening all around us? Everything is rising, not just the oceans. Whether it is political unrest, proxy wars, or discussing more and more about how much we think we know about the world. All the while we are being silently swallowed. And the winners are those with the cleverest and most well-connected accountants, lawyers and financial analysts. (See: US Congress.)

This is the reasoning behind our manipulated desires to have the newest cell phone, the flashiest car, and the biggest cock: we think it proves our worth on a planet that is drowning in debt and delusions. Though we are going to have to work harder, if we are going to be able to deal with everything. We are going to have to find new ways of keeping ourselves afloat.

It’s no secret that we are being robbed -- and it’s not just your father’s portfolio which is being targeted. It’s the ability to figure out what the fuck is really going on, everywhere, that is being harassed.

What will your bank account be worth once the markets have been flooded with fear and confusion? Leave that to the speculators. Here, we are just having a little fun. We are just pretending to be concerned about real life.

And having fun is the cornerstone of dealing with life.

Of course, for plenty of people that have no means or resources to have fun, the world becomes a very clear picture for what is really going on. And then those same people begin to exercise the one thing that is without a price: their imaginations.

Will they imagine and thus respond to help shape a better world? Or will they imagine a world with more wars, more crime, more disasters, more injustice, more dissonance, more floods?

Time will tell, as it always does.

However, the struggle is lessened once we use our imaginations in our daily lives, regardless of age, status, income or dick size. Because if we can’t imagine what is possible than we have already been consumed. We can’t understand how far the water, and everything, will have to rise before we are really fucked beyond comprehension.

The most invisible flood is the omnipotent specter of selfish greed. And that tide goes as far as you will let it. In fact, it’s splashing now up against your shore. You’re dealing with it, with or without your knowledge.

Imagine that.


Image Sourced: Water