Debrett to Offer Social Intelligence Programme to Job Seekers

While there is so much emphasis on the importance of exam results, qualifications, and other tangible qualities in today’s highly competitive society, social skills are often considered as a luxury. This fact is confirmed by researchers; according to the Dailymail, 90% of the senior executives on a panel at Debrett’s (Publishing House) believe social skills are just as important, or even more important, than academic skills.

Further to this, 63% said their office juniors often lack any such skills at all. A quarter said they had even embarrassed them in front of clients. Meanwhile, one in four business leaders complained that prospective candidates had inflated expectations regarding salaries and career progression and were over-confident and formulaic in interviews. What’s more, a 21% of employers referred to misplaced informality, a situation whereby young workers had dressed inappropriately for the workplace or had drunk too much at work social events.

Although most of young people in Britain possess the necessary qualifications to perform a certain job, they nevertheless lack the social competences and life skills to properly behave at work. Technology, which is an integral part of today’s competitive world is claimed to undermine the social skills of young employees, affecting their abilities to network and build relationships with their clients in a physical situation.

It is vital for young employees to differentiate themselves by expanding and updating their profile beyond the sphere of their academic achievements. Publishing House Debrett, takes the initiative to offer residential or day courses - starting at a £1,000 - to all those aspiring to improve their social skills at workplace. They have developed the “social intelligence” programme to respond to the aforementioned adverse findings, by equipping under-30s with all the necessary social skills to enter workplace.

Contemporary workplaces call for a competitive and rounded workforce, namely employees who possess both impeccable technological and communicative skills (both written and verbal) and who practice the savoir vivre rules accordingly in their workplace.