Decor Tips to Make Your Office More Productive

Is the way you decorate your office having an affect on your productivity? Perhaps it is and you don't realise it! These simple tips could help a lot!

We all want to be comfortable in our office—after all; we spend the majority of our days there. But have you taken the time to consider how your office décor might be affecting your productivity and the productivity of employees and colleagues surrounding you? Everything from the art selection to furniture arrangement can have an effect on output, and the following tips will help you narrow down improvements you can make in your office and communal work areas.

1. The Power of Colour

woman with open hands and colors flowing around

Colour can affect brain function, and has a huge bearing on our mood. If your office walls are a bland shade of beige or blinding white, you may be doing your brain a disservice. Choosing the right colour for your workspace can have a massive impact on your productivity, so it’s important to pick strategically. If you’re looking to calm down in a high-stress environment, blue is recommended. If you’re looking to improve creativity and beckon imagination, opt for a bright red or cheerful yellow on the walls.

Don’t be afraid to use décor to add colour, as well, and consider office-appropriate textiles like window treatments that can provide a burst of colour without being overwhelming. Check out ProTect Painters and have a professional apply some new coats of paint that will give both the inside and exteriors of your office a necessary facelift. 

2. Furniture Necessities

businesswoman sitting on pilates ball working in office

We all know picking the right furniture is essential, especially when it comes to seating in the office. Finding an ergonomic chair is essential for back health and comfort throughout the day. Many professionals are choosing to invest in standing desks that can be raised up and down at various intervals during the day to help lessen back strain and alleviate pain.

Overall office productivity is about more than an individual desk or chair, however. While you’ve probably considered your office chair and those of your employees and colleagues, what about clients? If you see guests regularly in your office, it’s important to pay attention to furniture needs for them, as well. Nothing ruins a meeting’s productivity more than a lack of seating space.

Aesthetics matter and first impressions can be everything in business. When clients come in, do you want them to witness an office made up of a hodge-podge of mismatched furniture? Or would you prefer to present a cohesive design that reflects the pride you take in your work? Finding matching pieces can be expensive, but there are e-commerce furniture companies like that offer top brands at reasonable prices. Choosing sturdy, classic pieces can see you avoiding costly refurnishing throughout the years.

3. The Best Lighting

room in bank office

Want to do great work? You’ll need to be able to see it. Lighting has an effect on our mood and output, and appropriate office lighting should be at the top of your list of priorities. If the lighting is too low in your office, you’ll find yourself squinting, which can lead to headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and even irritability. Poor lighting has also been connected to increased likelihood of depression, so it’s important for both your physical and mental health to alleviate any poor lighting issues.

Replace harsh fluorescent overhead lighting with some energy-saving bulbs that mimic natural light. If your office has access to a window, avoid heavy curtains that will block the sun’s rays from streaming in. Use layered levels of lighting; that means overhead lighting, floor lamps, and desk lamps. Check out the office lighting options from and make sure your work future is brighter than ever (pun intended).

4. Storage Options

tidy office work place

It’s important to keep your desk and work space clear and clean of clutter. Not only does clutter reduce productivity, but it also reflects poorly on work ethic in the eyes of passing supervisors and clients in for a visit.

Make sure your office space is equipped with enough storage, keep papers and other office items concealed when not in use, and spend the time tidying up your area at the end of the day. Coming in the next morning to a clean work space is going to do wonders for your productivity, and see your brain clearer and more prepared to tackle the day ahead.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your work flow and that of your employees or colleagues, consider these décor and design tips and turn your office into a well-oiled machine.

Have you ever used any of the tips above to improve your workplace productivity? Let us know in the comments section below...