How to Decorate a Small Office at Work


So, you occupy a space so tiny that it would make a refrigerator box claustrophobic and to add to it it’s grey, boring and smells a little funny, but you’re not sure if that’s just the burrito you had for breakfast. So, how do you spruce up your sad little place (and I’m not talking about your face)? This is how to decorate a small office at work.

1. Smaller


So, when dealing with decorating a small space the most straight-forward solution is to go smaller with the furnishings in your office. Instead of a full blown desk you can go with a desk against the wall and a small round table with seats for meetings and situations where a group of people need to gather. Instead of having a table top monitor, opt for a wall mounted one with wireless peripherals thus maximizing your desktop space, too.

2. Modular

modern officebillymagz

Since real estate in general has been getting smaller (especially in dense urban hubs) furniture manufacturers have been heavily investing in designing modular furniture. This type of furniture can be configured to best suit your space and needs like this innovative design by Studio 7.5 “hackable” office system or this interesting standing desk solution by design studio Nendo which seems infinitely modifiable.

3. Personal touch

modern officearchiproducts

Most white collar workers spend more time at work they do at home.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker spends 8.9 hours working and only 7.3 hours outside of work. Adding personal touches to your space will make it much homier and actually has proven to help burnout rates. Add pictures of loved ones, art even fun chotskies to brighten your mood. Also using textiles in an otherwise “hard” space can make it seem more inviting and warm, and added benefit of using soft materials in your space? It can act as sound dampener, helping with the ambient noise in your office.

4. Extreme solutions

extreme officecornerhouse

If your space is so small that New York rats would scoff at it, then you might need to take extreme measures. This attractive unit from Müller Möbelwerkstätten maximizes space by allowing your work-surface to fold into a compact wall-mounted unit. If your office is even smaller, the company offers a version of the fold-away desk that mounts to the wall without legs, making its foot-print non-existent. Instead of traditional seating, you could also opt for standing desks and bean bags, which would give your office a playful and creative vibe…or the look of a 30-year-old's basement apartment at his mom’s house.

5. Transformers

more than meets the eye redonline

The mid-ground between modular and fold away solutions are multi-use furniture. Ottoman’s  feature storage space, chairs that flip around and become a work surface and this concept design which combines a work space with a lounge chair and a standing desk.

Do you have any other designer tips for people with small office space? Let us know in the comment section below!