How to Decorate Your Office Like Your Living Room


With so many people working from home or telecommuting part-time, it’s no wonder that you’d want your office to feel like a living room. Whether that office is in an actual office building or your home is doing double-duty as a home and office combo, here are some ideas for decorating your office like your living room.

Consider soothing colors

In terms of color theory, blue is the color of the intellect. Light blue colors will help to calm you and help you concentrate, while bolder blues will help you stimulate clear thought, suggests the Colour Affects website. Most people want to relax in their living rooms, hence the choice of blue. But if blue is not your thing, keep in mind that red will stimulate you and raise your pulse, yellow will heighten emotions, green will encourage balance and harmony, and purple will inspire your spiritual side.

Hide the cords

 If you want your living room-slash-office to be as soothing and distraction-free as possible, hide the cords for the computers, TVs, monitors, speakers or any other electronic devices you’re using. Clutter means chaos, and that’s not conducive to productivity. You might need the help of a contractor -- or at the office, the help of your employer’s maintenance department -- to bore holes in the walls and ensure electrical cords are hidden away safely and up to code.

Opt for a minimal computer setup

Speaking of your computer and chaos, a smaller, more portable computer might work well for this space. A laptop or a surface-style computer with a removable monitor will be easier to tuck away when you don’t need to use it, or when you want to relax and forget about work for a while.

Consider a table instead of a desk

Whether it’s a high table you can use as a standing desk or just a table that looks more like a dining table than a desk, both options will make things look more homey and less office-like. 

Breathe some life into the space with plants

 They’ll clean the air as well as making the space more home-like.

Get creative with storage

Inevitably you’ll have files and paperwork that you need to store in your office area, but look for cabinets that have the look of large wardrobes, large bureaus or other creative storage options that won’t look quite so sterile and business-like.

Include a comfy chair or sofa

If the space allows for it, there’s no reason you can’t have a plush chair or a full-size sofa and coffee table in your office area. This will allow for comfortable meetings and an alternative to the boring office chair.

Add some art

Give your office your signature flair by including artwork in the room -- the same as you would at home. If you’re decorating a space in a public building, however, it’s probably best to avoid installing any highly-political art.

Your office is a place to do work and get stuff done, but it doesn’t have to be a sterile, boring, uninspiring space.

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