Depression in America's Workforce

It’s Just Like a Movie Whose Picture is off With the Sound

Dealing with depression is not something that most of us understand. Not because most of us don’t get depressed -- but because it means different things to different people. Of course, the common conception of depression is being sad, gloomy, slow, lethargic, unresponsive and grim ... it also can be hidden and buried under a guise of contented happiness.

But what’s really going on inside the minds of the depressed worker?

Here in America, we have been led to believe that all of us are free, and that many people have been blessed with the abundance of our forebears’ hard work. The truth is that -- here in the land of the free -- we are suffering from a plentiful amount of terrible diseases. And all the hard work that went into our parents’ lives is being stripped by the verities of what is happening all around us.

A forlorn country is being shaped by the degrading factors of inflationary policies which our leaders and their sponsors have so supremely offered to us. Not to mention social division and the symbols of wealth and status which pressure human souls into conforming. When the human psyche is made to do something -- does that make it free?

Swept Under the Rug

Well, a "good" way to keep a country moving forward with its noose dressed like a necklace would be to convince it of being mentally healthy. Or maybe to keep it "healthily" distracted by any various means. Otherwise you might have massive amounts of innocent people recognizing a problem that has been swept under the rug.

"Antidepressants and painkillers rank among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States today. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics published a report that identified about 11 percent of the American public as antidepressant users, a 400 percent increase since the 1980s when previous surveys were taken.

Worldwide, consumption of antidepressants has been dramatically on the rise over the past decade, and there are no signs of abating. On the contrary, the pharmaceutical industry predicts ever-increasing demands in the U.S. and globally.

Experts have offered a wide range of explanations for the growing demand for psychotherapeutic drugs. The heightened economic struggles over the last few years have added substantially to the stress levels vast parts of the population are exposed to. In the media, pharmaceuticals of all kinds, including antidepressants, are aggressively marketed, and many insurance plans cover them. There is also suspicion that many doctors tend to over-diagnose when it comes to psychological disorders, even in cases where they appear to be temporary and mild in nature.

The truth is that antidepressant drugs are not harmless and can cause a number of unpleasant side effects, among them nausea, weight gain, loss of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction, insomnia, fatigue, agitation, suicidal thoughts, and even greater anxiety."

-- "More people are using antidepressants just to keep going" - TIMI GUSTAFSON, R.D.,  Kirkland Reporter Healthy Living contributor, August 12, 2014

 An Overly-Drugged Population

In essence, our population is being drugged. And it’s not just the pharmaceutical industry which is profiting big time off of the vulnerabilities of America’s workforce. There are many reasons for why keeping a population not only drugged but unhappy, dumbed-down, confused, ignorant, misinformed, indifferent, apathetic, emotionally paralyzed, etc. is important to particular persons in power. For one, it helps to maintain a sense of order and control. It keeps in the shadows where that control really lies. Being or feeling depressed could very well be a symptom of the human condition thinking that it no longer has control.

Is it not a little depressing to feel that you don’t have control over your own life?

Maybe that’s where the pharmaceutical industry is wrong, to say nothing of the Federal government and the Criminal Justice system in its atrocious compliance with these drug companies. To offer a pill for a "disease" that is not quantifiable by modern science -- there is no blood test for a depressed patient -- is ludicrous. Especially when that pill can hurt, harm or perpetuate the symptoms of the very illness it is purported to cure.

The truth is the pharmaceutical industry would not exist if the population was altogether healthy. But the lifestyles of much of the population aren’t exactly conducive to well-being. We have to work harder as our money is devalued. Therefore our labour produces less. Thus we have to work harder, and longer hours.

Do we not see this never-ending cycle for what it really is?

A De-pressed Nation

And that is exactly what depression represents. De-pressed people. People that cannot fulfill their truest dreams, desires, destinies and functions. Because the never-ending cycle that is pressed onto them is crushing their souls and spirits. Modern science would point to the biology of the brain and the human organism. But maybe the reactive and manipulated environment where we’ve been born into has something to do with one of the wealthiest nations on the planet being so mentally, socially and economically unstable.

Depression in the American worker is quite common because of the nature of his or her lifestyle, and what happens to our lives as we age and assimilate. The treadmill of the workforce is plugged into a wall, and we can never really reach the plug nor can we step off the rotating circus we call our lives. True enough. But what of the reality that has been blanched from our perspectives? That’s the missing puzzle piece for how we can re-direct our lives and our energies into ways that make the world better.

It doesn’t mean we should all assume the responsibility of making the world a better place. But maybe we can take a piece of advice from the late-Michael Jackson (before he was molesting kiddies) by remembering where the power really lies in this country.

In us.

And that is the mentality that goes missing, from time to time, especially from the depressed individual. Because it seems to feel so stubbornly real, as Einstein said, that this illusory reality which we perceive to be our planet and our lives is not ours to direct or decide.

A crock of shit!

We Can Change

It is clear that we are being lied to. And the cracks and fissures of those lies are being broken-down as the world ceaselessly spins into the future. Human beings are waking up to the truest nature of who we are and what we are capable of.

We can start changing the world by changing ourselves, and by changing each other. And the biggest change is our awareness for what is really going on around us.

More people are suffering from the brainwashing of our money-grubbing advertisers and are conditioned to be intolerant than we could ever potentially analyze. And if neither science nor medicine have the answers, than what is the answer?

How can the workers of this country deal with the growing numbers of their depressed or mentally unstable compatriots?

By doing something revolutionary.

In this fast-paced gossip-loving society, we can be a little more accepting and understanding of another person’s ordeals. Of course, we know that lending a hand to somebody in need might get us trapped in the same hole of the tortured and troubled. And most mentally ill persons perpetuate their own sickness. But what is usually left out of the equation is doing something for that person that doesn’t require us to wait for them to get out of their own hole as they are rained down upon with pharmaceuticals, their own self-destructive tendencies, and harsh judgments that never really cure a damn thing.

One of the few things to cure a broken mind is the mending of what broke it in the first place.


Image Sourced: "Sad Clown" by Dirk Vanden 1960 - Oil on canvas