How to Determine if a Career Move is the Right Choice

Man is addicted to change and career moves is concrete evidence of this phenomenon. And just like a game of chess, every career move matters no matter how insignificant it might seem. The difference comes with the motive behind every individual career move. While some motives are substantially informed, others are simply rash and hyped with regrettable consequences at the end of the road. It therefore calls for us to carefully examine our career move intentions lest we fall for pitfalls of career stagnation when we least expect it. It is with this in mind that we should ask ourselves these questions to help us decide as to whether a career move is the right choice.

#1 Is it Money Motivated or Passion Motivated?

Many careerists have been misled by their education system to solely focus on promising and well-paying career choices when considering any career moves. This misled argument has led to stifling of passionate service, replacing it with mere material ambition. The consequence is prevalent on the ground with many 'book-cramming' zombie graduates coming to the market with little prerequisite and relevant skills for the required field. Personally, I tend to think that passion will automatically ignite integrity within us without any monitoring whatsoever. But in a world where 'fake it till you make it by whatever means necessary' has become the motto, it's no wonder that corruption steadily has gained ground in many institutions worldwide.

#2 Is it geared towards your Long Term Career Goals?

Everyone has list or a mental picture of long term career goals they cling to in pursuit of their career aspirations. These goals keep us in check by giving us the discipline and motivation to keep going. However, not all careerists stay loyal to their cause and many have changed their goals. Indeed, there is no problem in adjusting your career goals for the better or re-aligning them to adjust to current socio-economic factors. The problem comes in deviating from your current goals altogether to a mere pipe dream with no career blueprint of what you want to achieve in the long term. It's therefore important to have back-up your career move with long term career goals.

#3 Will it ultimately lead to Career Stagnation?

As I said earlier, man is addicted to change and at this point, I'll have to add that progress is man's most preferable change. The career road maps we currently cling to have career junctions that are meant to change the playing field and elevate us to a higher level of challenges, fulfillment and better rewards. However, some careerists have executed career moves that made them become prodigal to their initial career road-maps. Reason being the struggles and retrogressive challenges that have kept them stuck at the same point for a significant period of time.

#4 Will you Encounter Competence Challenges?

There are a lucky bunch of careerists whose career progress is solely dependent on their wealth of experience without putting academic credentials into serious consideration. This is clearly an added advantage considering the dedication and inconveniences of time and finances that a careerist would have to endure in pursuit of better academic credentials while employed. It's thus essential to consider the competence challenges that you're likely to encounter as a result of your career move and brace yourself for the sacrifices you'll have to make in pursuit of academic and career advancement.

#5 Will it lead to Moral Conflict of Interests?

Everyone has values and traditions they cling to when calculating any career move. In fact, these values have saved us from a lot of trouble on numerous occasions considering the effect of moral conflicts on us mentally, psychologically and spiritually. However, some careerists have gone ahead and betrayed their moral ground when a career move proved to be lucrative. And though they don't admit it, In the long run, they've come to face and endure the consequences of their morally degrading decisions. As the saying goes, 'You reap what you sow'.

#6 Will it negatively Affect your Personal Life?

Career moves come with obvious effects on our personal lives which can range from disruption of family affairs to a change in social circles. A good example is the ever-increasing number freelancing mothers who work from home in America and the UK. Many have lauded this move since it not only helps them avoid unnecessary spending with their 'financially toxic' friends, but it also gives them the much needed flexibility to bond with their children. However, not all mothers work from home and some have had to significantly sacrifice on family time as a result of making highly demanding career choices. Whichever the case may be, it's essential to be aware of the effects that a career move will have on your personal life.

#7 Is it geared towards your Maximum Potential?

Besides ambition, a career move should lead you to a career path that makes you feel more fulfilled every step of the way. I would personally make a career move if it serves as a means to exploit my potential to the maximum. Many careerists stuck in underemployment tend to feel like their efforts and dedication are merely systemic and fruitless thus generating that feeling of under-appreciation and insignificance within them. In essence, if a career move will shift the gears of your career progress to a higher sense of fulfillment and gratification in the long run, then there's no need to look back.

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#8 In the End, Will it make you feel Happy and Fulfilled?

I can't emphasise enough the essence of happiness in your career life. I recently attended an agricultural show in my home town and a dairy farmer informed us that stressed out cows tend to produce less milk while on the other hand happy, well-fed and well-maintained cows tend to produce a bountiful quantity of high-grade milk. Humanity and careerists in particular are not exempted from the rules of happiness either. In fact, happiness makes us bubble with joy such that we selflessly give more than is required of us. Plus, to be honest, stressed out people tend to be rude and display their worst side. If is the kind of careerist you're, then it's time to make that career move as soon as possible.

When many of us are about to make a career move, the most misleading question we tend to ask ourselves is, 'What will people say?" But let's admit for once that most of these 'people' deem us to be insignificant and wouldn't care less if we were alive or dead. In fact, the world has never stopped going round when someone died. So why should your career move stall simply because 'people' don't approve of it? Ultimately, you're the master of your own life and it's up to you to get the best out of your career move.