How to Determine if NOW is The Right Time to Start Looking For a New Job

There is something about the onset of autumn which has a way of making you look at your life a little differently than normal. Whilst some people may regard this introspectiveness as being nothing more than a mild touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) brought on by the anticipation of winter, there is often a lot more to it than that. Indeed, it is now thought that, aside from New Year, autumn is the most common time of the year for people to ponder the bigger picture and consider making some serious changes.

You may well be one of them.

When you start scrutinising your life in this way, wondering if you can make some changes for the better, your job is often the first thing you consider. If your musings about your role or occupation fade into the shadows after a day or so then chances are you’re actually pretty content with where you’re at right now. However, if some of the aspects listed below start ringing alarm bells in your head for days or even weeks on end, chances are it’s time for you to think about making a fresh start of your own...

You don’t feel challenged anymore
It is only natural to become more proficient in a role the longer you do it for. However, if you get to a point where you feel like you are simply going through the motions each and every day, something is not quite right. Tell-tale signs of not feeling challenged in your work include letting out slightly melodramatic sighs more often than you realise, and watching the clock and listening out for the beat of the second hand. If you do both of these things on a regular basis then you have probably given up caring about your job altogether.

You’re always moaning about the same things…
We Brits love a good moan. Whether it is a rant about our jobs or anything else, there is something about a really good moan that just seems to make you feel a whole lot better inside. Yet, while an infrequent grumble about a less than agreeable set of circumstances is one thing; whinging about the same old things, day in day out, is another matter entirely. This shows that you’re simply unhappy: unhappy with your role; unhappy with your place of work; unhappy with those you work with. It also shows that nothing is being done to address whatever it is that is causing you to be unhappy. The tell-tale sign with this aspect is if you are not a moaning person by nature. If your job has turned you into a persistent whinger then it is probably time for you to start updating your CV.

Your work-life balance isn’t working…
Everybody talks about getting their ‘work/life balance’ right these days. In essence, this refers to ensuring the job you do doesn’t impede unnecessarily on your private life. If you’re getting frustrated by the hours you are asked to work, fed up with the amount of work you are ‘encouraged’ to take home, or exasperated because your workload never seems to get more manageable, then you need to think about putting measures in place that will help you to achieve a better balance. If your employer is willing to recognise and help deal with the problem then all well and good: if they’re not then don’t prolong the dissatisfaction of it all. Being forced to live a lifestyle which is unfavourably biased toward work will slowly but surely make you feel tense and stressed out much of the time, invariably putting ever more undue pressure on your family life.

If you find yourself nodding at some of examples outlined above then it could well be time for you to conclude that NOW is the time to look for a new job. You are likely to spend around a third of your life at work so if you’re not happy there, chances are it will have detrimental effect on your overall level of happiness. Whilst leaving a job is not something you should consider lightly, it is safe to say putting off the decision will certainly not do you any favours in the long run either.



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