How to Determine Your Career Path With a Law School Clinic

‘Whether or not to take part in a law school clinic is one question that arises in every law-student’s mind. They often wonder if doing a clinic can be of any help in getting an attorney job, after graduation. The simple answer is ‘yes’.

Here is why you must take up a ‘law school clinic’.

You will get valuable hands-on Job Experience

This is one of the best reasons to do a clinic. Ordinary law school training involves sitting in classrooms and discussing about law matters. A clinic actually enables you to practice being a lawyer. If the clinic happens to be related to your field of law, you will have your tail up, when you get to your post-graduation jobs. Hirers would love to pick you if you have spent a semester practicing the court activities / civil procedures or filing motions.

You will get valuable mentorship

When doing a law school clinic, you will work with professors and possibly practitioners who will later be your valuable mentors. You never know how much or how often they may be of help to you during your career. They may come in as your staunch supporters when you are most in need.

It helps you during your interviews

When you are being interviewed for a legal job, it is always nice to have a set of stories to share with your interviewer. This will illustrate the kind of experience you’ve had over time. You might have had certain setbacks with your clinical experiences. Though your client confidentiality does matter, sharing your clinical experience is a wonderful way to compensate your setbacks and boost your positive experiences.

It helps your GPA

Doing a clinic is an instant GPA booster. Most schools do not really need a forced curve for clinical participation. This means most classes do very well. Clinics offer a lot of credential hours as they are highly time consuming. Participating in a clinic school is a great way to get a good grade.

It helps you determine your career path

After completion of your law school clinic, you will be sure of what type of law you would like to choose or practice. For instance, if you decide to do family law but do not like to go to the family court, you will find this out during your clinical experience. It can be a clear indication that you may need to reconsider your career path. It is far better to find out your alternative path while you are still in school, rather than finding out after you have started practicing.

Things you must know

By now, you may be convinced that a ‘law school clinic’ is important for your legal profession. Before participating, it is important to know what your school may require. Most clinics need applications. Therefore you must pay attention to the deadlines and the required materials. The earlier you apply the better. If you decide that you want to take up a ‘law school clinic’, do not wait until the final semester. Set it up early. By setting it up early, you also have more time and more chances.

Many law graduates consider their clinic experience as the highlight of their learning days. We recommend you to take it up too.



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