Determine Your Future as a Call Center Representative in USA

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Have you ever considered working as a call center representative? It might be different than your dream job, but call centers provide access to unparalleled tools and resources to tailor your job requirements, in addition to the handsome salary package. As an agent, you’ll have the opportunity to grow and develop continuously while delivering value to global clients.

Demand for Call Center Professionals in USA

The US call centers outsource many of their positions overseas to hire virtual agents and telephone operators. As thousands of call center jobs have been onshored everyday, you’ve to be careful in choosing the right employer, and beware of scammers. Here are the American companies you can consider applying to.

  •         Apple At-Home Advisors: It is a reputed American company that hires agents both for fulltime and part-time positions. College students and inexperienced graduates can apply at Apple At-Home. Most of its positions require fluency in Japanese, and the company prefers candidates from Honolulu. It pays fixed monthly salary (around $200) and 10% commission on every successful sale.
  •         Terminex: Teminex is a renowned pest control company that hires customer service agents for inbound and outbound calls. Students and housewives, looking for part-time work, can submit their resumes at this company. Most of its positions are geographically restricted for candidates from California, and Oklahoma. Company pays 20% commission to its sales agents, and $10 to $20 to e-marketers.
  •         VIPdesk: VIPdesk specializes in delivering concierge and high-end call center services to its valued customers. As an agent of this company, you’ll be responsible to handle customer requests through email, telephone and website’s chat system. Fluency in English and Italian is mandatory. It pays $5 per hour to inexperienced, and $15 to experienced agents.


Types of Jobs Available

  • Inbound Customer Service Representatives
  • CSR, Service Live Provider Recruitment Specialists
  • Service Order Management
  • Training Advocate
  • Call Center Team Managers
  • Dialer Operators

Training & Career Counseling

The bright side of USA-based call center jobs is that you’ve the freedom to polish capabilities based on your interests and talents throughout. The employers are there to help you progress and expand your knowledge with multiple training programs. As part of the global community, your English communication skills have to be exceptional to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Most of USA’s brands offer several on-job training opportunities including social learning via industry hubs, self-study programs, apprenticeships and action learning programs.


Reliable Career Advancement & Rewards

Call centers have a high rate of employee turnover. Individuals who are able to do well in this competitive environment can really thrive. A call center representative holding graduate degree, earns handsome cash, and gets market-relevant benefits. The firms help employees balance their successful careers with healthy lifestyles involving family, friends and community.

Health benefits you get are;

  • Medical Plan
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Dental Plan
  • Starbridge Choices
  • Work & Family Benefits
  • Retirement/Financial Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Unpaid Time Off
  • Disability & Survivor Benefits

Call Center jobs are ideal for inexperienced graduates, housewives, and part-time job seekers. Some American call centers handle only incoming calls, while others deal with e-marketing, research surveys, and appointment settings.


As customers now have unlimited self-service options, you’ve to work hard to appear as a competitive agent to secure your position and company’s repute. Learn more about American companies’ commitment to skills to succeed and how they drive measurable impacts through long-term relationships with their agents.

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