How to Develop a Career in Recruitment Consultancy

Have you ever wanted to work in the recruiting industry? Maybe you enjoy the idea of helping candidates connect with great careers, while earning a nice living yourself? As a recruitment professional, you would be helping companies fill open positions and succeed within their industry. Recruitment consultancy can be an exciting career that can be very rewarding when you put the right amount of time and energy into it.

Step Into the Exciting World of Recruitment Pros

If you are thinking about moving into the recruitment industry, consider working in the recruitment consultancy realm. Here’s what you need to know about developing a career in the independent recruitment realm.

Requirements for a Career in Recruitment Consultancy

If you are ready to work in recruitment consultancy, you need to consider the requirements for this job. They include having some sort of B2B experience and a degree in a business field. Should you not have either of these, you will not succeed in this position. B2B experience is necessary because you will be dealing with multiple companies, human resource managers and job candidates. You need to be able to speak to others without feeling stressed.

Aspects of the Job

Now that you have the required experience and education for a career in recruitment consultancy, you can learn the aspects of the job. Your daily duties will remain the same for the most part. They involve acquiring leads, screening and interviewing candidates and recommending candidates to companies looking to fill open positions. One of the biggest tasks you will perform is building strong relationships with clients and candidates. The better relationship you have with these two parties, the more successful you will be as a recruiter.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

One thing you must absolutely do is use social media when working in recruitment consultancy. Prior to the internet, recruiters had to make phone calls and schedule in-person meetings to find their candidates. Now, they have email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and online job boards to find candidates. With this technology, recruiters have to sift through more applications and resumes than ever before, making the job more involved now than in the past. If you are not using social media to your advantage when recruiting candidates, you are missing out on an incredible resource.

Have the Right Attitude

Having the right attitude while working as a recruiter is very important. If you are a naturally negative person, then this is the not the right job for you. If you have a sunny disposition, love to talk to people, have a sales background and always think positive, then you can be a success at recruiting. This is a tough business to succeed in, but if you keep at it and do not let failures get you down, you can build a strong reputation in recruitment consultancy.

A career in recruitment is a promising one as it is estimated that 210,000 positions will be added in the UK labour market by 2020 (source: If you have a background in B2B and hold a business degree, then you could make an outstanding recruitment consultant.

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