How to Develop Habits That Will Get You Promoted

Getting a promotion is something that many of us aspire to achieve in our careers. However, sometimes it seems as if some individuals have a knack for receiving promotions more easily than others. If you want to increase your chances of catching the attention of the management so that you will receive a promotion, there are several things that you can do.

One important way to succeed in your career is to learn how to develop effective habits that will make you more of a “needed” employee—one that your employer just has to keep around. This article will address five habits that you can develop in order to get that promotion at work.

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1. Find Your Center of Gravity

One of the most important ways to develop a habit that will get you promoted is to find your “center of gravity”. You need to get reconnected again with your center where you are grounded in a combination of the reality of your life and your goals. Individuals who can walk within their center of gravity, will find that their focus is more honed and they are more effective in accomplishing daily tasks and achieving goals. Being connected to your center where your core values flourish, will open your eyes to a positive and expanded perspective. This action will enable you to work to your optimal ability and perform as a necessary and invaluable employee in the workplace.

2. Bloom in the Right Environment

Another factor for you to consider, when trying to develop effective habits, is to bloom in the right environment. Of course, you can try to make any type of circumstance work for you by maintaining a positive mental attitude. However, there are specific situations where you will flourish more than others.

Those individuals, who get promoted, have learned how to find that perfect workplace environment where their specific skillset and talents mesh perfectly with the daily job requirements. This meshing process enables them to be more effective each day. Again, when you are more effective and perform well at work, you will increase your chances of getting that promotion.

3. Actively Listen to Your Boss

There are two types of listening behaviors: active or passive. Active listening involves actually hearing what the other person is saying, effectively processing the information and being proactive in responding to the communication. Passive listening is where the person does not truly listen to what is being said and takes no proactive steps to respond to the communication.

If you want to develop a habit that will get you promoted, learn how to actively listen to your boss or manager. When you cultivate this talent, you will be able to gain a deeper insight into what your boss expects of you and then you’ll be able to perform more effectively in the workplace.

4. Become a People Person

If you are a “people person” you will be more genuinely liked in the workplace. If you’re an introverted personality, you will have to work more diligently at trying to develop this habit. It is possible to make yourself more engaging with others and thus more liked. It is important to be liked in the workplace if you want to get a promotion.

Of course, if you get promoted to manager, you won’t make every employee happy all the time. However, great leaders are generally charismatic and liked by others. Make an effort to develop your people skills so that you know how to interact better with others and understand their point of view.

5. Expand Your Perspective

The final habit is to learn how to expand your perspective. You need to think in two different perspectives simultaneously—small and large. Basically, you should focus on working to your optimal capability each day and do the hard work even when it gets dull, difficult and daunting. At the same time, you must learn how to cultivate an expansion of your mind with regard to thinking about your future and how each daily task moves you one step closer or farther away from your end goal. If you can figure out a way to “marry” those two perspectives together in your mindset, you will see results in your daily workplace performance. When you succeed at work, your boss will take notice.

Of the five habits discussed in this listing, which ones are you currently cultivating in your life and which ones do you need to begin working on?




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