How to Develop Personal Resilience for Career Success

Do you want to be more successful in your career? Think of yourself like a lump of clay during its moldable state. Ok, so picturing yourself as a lump of clay isn’t the most exciting example. But it can help you understand what makes a person more resilient. Before clay hardens, it can be molded into any shape. In developing your personal resilience to be more successful in your career, you need to mold yourself like clay. Being resilient will enable you to grow and develop as a professional. You’ll be better able to handle challenges in the workplace. Personal resilience is not part of your personality. It’s a mindset that becomes your daily behavior pattern.

Being resilient is an important part of gaining your boss’s trust. Your boss needs to see you as someone who is able to become more flexible, cultivate optimism and develop authenticity. Cultivating these factors in your life will develop personal resilience and that will make you more successful in your career.

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1. Become More Flexible

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You can do many things with a rubber band. Just don’t snap it across your cubicle wall with a target of hitting your annoying colleague in the face. Rubber bands can be used to hold a stack of papers together. You can twist it around a bunch of pens to keep them organized in your desk drawer. If you’re bored at work, you can wrap hundreds of rubber bands around each other to form a makeshift rubber ball. There is a point to this illustration, just hang in there. Rubber bands are flexible. They can be twisted around objects to hold things together. They won’t break easily—unless of course you pull them too far or they wear from long use. In addition to thinking of yourself like a lump of clay, you should also think about the flexibility of the rubber band. If you want to be more resilient in your career, you need to become more flexible.  

Flexible professionals know how to handle difficult circumstances. They don’t fall apart at the slightest sign of trouble ahead. When a project starts going down the tubes, these individuals are able to quickly think on their feet. They have learned the art of workplace calisthenics. Juggling multiple workplace tasks keeps them focused instead of derailed into distraction. Exercising swift judgment, they are able to make quick decisions when faced with how to fix problems—to ensure that a project gets completed within the deadline. Yoga-like professional flexibility helps them to be more tolerant in the workplace. They’re able to get along well with others of differing personalities and backgrounds. Workplace conflicts don’t throw them off their game.

When you are able to flex your professional muscles in the workplace, you ensure that they will always stay flexible and toned. You’ll be able to use this personal resiliency to ensure your career success.

2. Cultivate Optimism

You need to cultivate optimism in order to further develop personal resilience. Consider the optimism of a farmer. He tills the ground, plants seeds and then waits. Hopefully, enough rain comes to water the ground. In time, the seeds sprout and take root in the ground. Before long, the plants begin to push through the soil. Eventually, the farmer’s optimism has paid off and he can harvest his crop. If you’ve ever planted your own vegetable or herb garden, you know what that optimism feels like. Maybe you’ve never planted any seeds, but you’ve received the fruit of them. Whether you’ve eaten a salad, enjoyed vegetables in your meal, eaten bread and cereal or received a dozen roses from your special someone—you’ve been on the receiving end of the optimism of the seed.

Becoming more personally resilient is all about planting that seed of optimism in your life and cultivating it so that it will grow. You won’t be successful in your career if you haven’t learned how to cultivate optimism. What’s going to happen to you when you fail at a task? Will you crumble to pieces like a piece of broken clay? Or will you whether the storm and learn how to bloom where you’ve been planted? If you want to succeed in your career, optimism is important to help you plan goals and move forward toward achieving them. Optimism inspires you to come to work each day with a desire to succeed in your career. Being optimistic allows you to further cultivate a positive environment that increases workplace productivity.

Pessimism is like a weed that chokes the life out of a once thriving plant. Do you want to become that weed? Wouldn’t you rather become the seed that is cultivated and blossoms into a delightful flower, or plant that produces vegetables or grain?

3. Develop Authenticity

If you want to propose to your girlfriend, are you going to give her a cubic zirconia in a silver setting or splurge for a diamond in a gold or platinum setting? Of course, everything depends on your budget, but most people would opt for the genuine article. Wouldn’t you? If you were the one getting proposed to, wouldn’t you want to receive a real diamond? Yes, the thought counts. Yet receiving the real thing—even if it’s the smallest diamond you could afford—makes the gesture more special.

When you want to develop personal resilience for career success, you must cultivate authenticity. Some people are genuinely authentic individuals. If you’re not, that doesn’t mean you can’t change. Authenticity can be developed. Being authentic means that you keep your word. When you say you’re going to do a job, you do it. Your ethical standard is high and you daily strive to reach it. Developing authenticity is one more piece of the process where you’re molding yourself like clay. Your manager will notice your strong work ethic. He will see that you come to work early and don’t leave until closing time. You never abuse your allotted time for lunch break. You work to your best ability each day. Demonstrating this authenticity will show your manager that you’re serious about your job and developing your career. Your work performance will live up to your standards of excellence.

Individuals who operate daily under this type of authenticity drastically increase their chances of advancing their career through promotions and further professional development.

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Developing personal resilience is necessary if you want to achieve career success. Are you ready to see yourself as a lump of clay to be molded into the professional who can achieve such success? How ready are you to channel the flexibility of a rubber band so that you can learn the art of workplace calisthenics. You can be the weed of pessimism that chokes all the optimism from your life, or you can be the seed that blossoms into something beautiful instead.

Do you agree that, by developing personal resilience you can increase your chances of career success? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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