How to Develop Positive Thinking in Your Life

Thinking positive will lead you to success. Developing your positive thinking will promote positive attitude and positive results for both your career and personal life. If you are interested to know how you can become more positive thus happier start by working out what you shouldn’t do by combating unhelpful thinking styles:

Don’t jump to conclusions

#1 Blaming: Avoid blaming other people or circumstances in your life and start working towards making them better for you. You are responsible for your own actions.

#2 Predicting: Avoid thinking negatively about the future because it will only increase the possibility of such events happening. You are responsible for your own thoughts but have the power to change them.

#3 Mistaking: Sometimes you are mistaking emotions from facts and you are making it impossible for yourself to function because then you get upset and angry.  Discharge negative energy and say “I can” more often.

#4 Personalising: It is possible that you take things personally. Even if it has nothing to do with you, you believe that you have done something that contributed to the bad situation that you or others around you are currently in. Often it is better to take a step back and try to assess the situation more objectively.  

Don’t Exaggerate

#5 Catastrophising: Whatever you do don’t despair, there is always a solution. If something goes wrong choose to deal with it with confidence and do not let it get you down.  

#6 Labelling: Labelling yourself as “loser” doesn’t help anyone, especially not you. It only weakens your self-worth and confidence. Instead praise yourself whenever possible, if you have managed to come so far, then you must have done something that is worth an appraisal.

#7 All-or-nothing: For every situation there is always a grey area you shouldn’t ignore. Avoid being an all-or-nothing individual and focusing on extremes. We are all humans, mistakes are allowed so try to be more forgiving and tolerant.   

#8 Over generalising: Avoid generalizing things and facts. Sometimes that’s not the case and you are only making yourself believe that everything is wrong and most importantly that you are wrong. Believe in yourself and remove the barriers so that you can move forward.

Push away negative thoughts and practice generating positive ones every day. Check the infographic from HealthCentral to learn how you can develop your positive thinking through a meditation exercise starting from today!

Image Source: Limk