Digital Dominance: Teenagers That Make More Money Than You

This recent infographic by OneProductions showcases what is really going on in this day and age. The crisis hit the Baby Boomers who in turn hassled their children to get off the computer – stop making stupid videos and playing games and go find a job. Well turns out – in this digital world – those who stayed in their rooms on their computers all day to the dismay of their parents, were doing it right. While Baby Boomers struggle to make ends meet, Millennials watch their profits skyrocket. We can debate all day whether this new digital world is a good thing or a bad thing – but I’m sure these teens really don’t care.

Playing games – for example – has gotten Felix Kjelleberg a whopping 25 million subscribers on YouTube. Which, by the way, are more subscribers then Beyonce and Obama combined! Speaking of Obama, he actually follows Barry, Ben, Jason, and Mike @sortedfood. I bet it was the recipe for cake in a cup that caught the presidential eye. Jamal Edwards put his video camera gift to good use at the age of 15 and is now worth about $8 million from his YouTube vids. Jamal now employs 12 people and had 8 million hits on the video by Ed Sheeran he was featured in. Tavi Gevinson is another digital diva who already has her own magazine, and has had the honor of writing for Harpers Bazaar magazine. Oh and by the way she’s 17, and has built up her success and fortune in only 5 years.  Lady Gaga even complimented her skills describing her as, ‘the future of Journalism.’

These are just a few highlights of the enviously successful teens describe in the infographic below. Do you know any other teens who reached fame through social media? Comment below!






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