Disadvantages of Posting a Job Vacancy on the Radio

When a job vacancy becomes available in your place of employment you will need to consider the various places in which you can post your vacancy. Finding the ideal location is an important step, as this will influence the amount of job seeker interest generated and the quality of the applicants applying for the position.

Many people select the radio as a way to appeal to job seekers. Radio stations reach out to a wide job seeker audience (in some cases, millions of listeners), and are a great way to target a particular group of job seekers.

However advertising solely on the radio also has its disadvantages, including:

Limitations on audience

So you’re thinking about selecting the radio as your primary job vacancy technique. But how can you guarantee that your target job seeker audience tune in to the radio? Today, finding job seekers depends on their age range, level of education and academic background. You may find that the type of job seekers you seek rarely tune in to the radio, instead opting to download the latest releases or listen to MP3 players. Understanding where your job seeker audience lies is essential in finding top recruits.


If the radio is right for you and your audience, consider the cost before going any further. Advertising on the radio can be an expensive business, particularly if you have chosen to advertise on a major or national radio station. Oftentimes adverts will only be played a select number of times, and there is a fee per in place each time the advert is aired.

Attracting the right listeners


Although advertising on the radio can be expensive, it doesn’t necessarily result in employee success. Catching your listeners at the right time is tricky and it is essential that you air your advert at the time when your target audience is likely to be listening. Otherwise you are wasting an opportunity to find top applicants.