How to Discern the Authenticity of an Impressive Career

The harsh reality we hate to admit is the fact that hard work doesn’t always pay. And in the world of careers, you’ve got two options. You either play hard or play smart. Of course, our guardians have always advised us to work hard because life is tough. Consequently many of us worked really hard in school and extended that determination to universities. And of course, with our determination, we found impressive degrees too hard to resist. However, once we got to the job market, we realised that life is basically unfair. Because as we were busy playing hard, some smart individuals made ’typical’ yet smart moves. Now they’re making impressive figures way above our pay grade with their seemingly insignificant career efforts. And so we wonder...

What Discernment Mistakes did we Make?
Yes indeed, if you’re one of those that naively succumbed to the face value of an impressive career, then if you retrace your steps, you’ll realise you made mistakes such as:

  • Trusting in sensational rumours on the ground instead of doing a concrete background check.
  • Thinking that impression automatically brings about career fulfilment.
  • Succumbing to the social pressure of an Impressive career streak instead of being open minded and flexible enough to embrace ’typical’ yet rewarding careers.
  • Refusing to embrace the harsh job market reality of overflooded career paths.
  • Presuming that unemployment is evenly spread across the board instead of doing a detailed sectoral analysis to gain clear perspective into careers worth pursuing.
  • Falling for the trappings of a competitive ego to gain impressive career accolades.
  • Doing everything by the book instead of being bold enough to curve out a seemingly odd yet fulfilling path.
  • Fearing what others might say about you once you fell short of their impressive career expectations. This especially applies to those who’ve got strict guardians and overly formal acquaintances.

How then do we Discern the Authenticity of an Impressive Career?
When it comes to discerning the authenticity of impressive careers, we’ve got to be brief, precise and straight to the point. We’ve therefore got to come up with a method that’s simple, yet convenient and effective. That way, you can use this discernment method irrespective of your career level. And what better way to simplify discernment of career authenticity than considering our inevitable destination - the job market. In so doing we should assess the Job Market Reality ON THE GROUND by assessing the following pointers.

  • When we consider impressive careers pursued by various people, what keeps them going is the fact that their services are in demand. 
  • Their services are also solution based which means that a certain set of skills is required of them. And so, their academic credentials are not in vain because they’re solution and skill based. Otherwise, if you can’t exactly determine their relevant set of skills, then the impressive career is essentially filled with unnecessary academic jargon.
  • Moreover, their job market security is secure thanks to various means through which they enhance their indispensability. While some constantly tap into new niches, others expand their range of products and services.
  • Ultimately, it all boils down to how progressive and up-to-date the impressive career is. Some initially impressive careers have become obsolete over time simply because they never adapted to the pressures of modern job market trends. And the last thing you want is to have wasted precious time and resources pursuing the impressive illusion of an outdated career.

The purpose of this article is not to dismiss impressive careers. But in our respective job markets, we’re all aware of hot air careers that, to be honest, are quite frustrating and unrewarding to say the least. This can largely be attributed to the discouragement that comes with the shortfall of big career expectations. In any case, everyone has an individual philosophy for their life. While mediocrity compels a resounding majority to merely play hard, some wise individuals have opposed misconstrued peer pressure trends, stood their ground and made smart and career decisions thanks to informed discernment.

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