How to Discover Your Hidden Talents

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Some of us know from an early age that we’re destined for something. Maybe we’re scribbling down stories at the age of eight or have a natural knack for playing the piano even at the young age of five. Others are more stumped when it comes to where our talents truly lie, and we find ourselves on a career path that might not be making use of our true talents. Or we might not even know what those are. Check out this how to guide and discover your hidden talents today. It just might change your life.

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1. Push Harder

Many of us are stronger than we actually realize, and when you force yourself to work harder than you thought you could, you will discover that one of your hidden talents is strength.

This is relevant whether you’re in the middle of a tough work-out or struggling with a project at the office. We find our true sources of strength when we force ourselves to work at a more energetic pace and for longer than you thought you would. When you feel like giving up, work even harder and longer. Spend an extra half an hour on that project that’s been giving you so much trouble. You will realize that you did a better job than you expected and won’t believe how strong you are. Now that you know, don’t ever forget it, and apply this strength, drive and motivation to every single thing you do, whether it’s holding plank for a few more seconds or impressing your boss with your ability to work for hours and still stay productive and cheerful.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

So you’re a lawyer and you’re awesome at what you do. Or you’re a teacher, a chef, a freelance writer. Whatever you do, you know that you’re good at it, or you wouldn’t be on that career path, of course. But you’re comfortable with where you are, and that’s why moving just outside of your comfort zone is the only real way to discover any talents that you have that you never even knew about.

If you’re a creative person, try taking an evening Math class. You just might discover that you have a real knack for working with numbers, and you could use that hidden talent to become more of a businessperson. If you’re in a more practical type of job, you can take a creative writing or life drawing class, and your newfound artistic abilities could help you with the art of brainstorming in your more logical job.

3. Talk to Your Boss

Your manager knows your talents – they see them every single day with the work that you produce. So talk to them about taking on a different kind of responsibility that might help you discover what else you’re capable of. Ask for a trial-run of pitching to a client or dealing with a sales decision if that’s relevant to your company, for example. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re asking to do something that’s the complete opposite of your typical job description, or else you won’t learn and grow and discover a hidden talent.

4. Get Excited

If we’re not interested in something, we’ll never be in the right frame of mind to really learn from it. So make sure you’re interested and excited to learn more about yourself and to see what else you have under your sleeve, and only good things will result. Find something you’re excited about learning how to do: playing guitar, piano, painting, writing, even knitting or cooking. Take a writing class or teach yourself with online courses, or enlist a friend that’s into that hobby. You might realize that you’re awesome at one of those things and it might become a normal hobby for you outside of the office, and it will definitely enrich your life, bring you tons of fun and make you a more well-rounded person.

5. Expect a Few Busts

It’s not possible to be good at every single thing that we try, as much as we might want that to be true. So don’t get discouraged if on the course of your journey to find hidden talents, you find some things that you’re terrible at. We’re all different and unique, and that’s a good thing, so don’t worry if you can’t draw to save your life or if you fail miserably when you try something new at work. Your manager will be glad that you at least tried and as long as you start small and with something not too important, you won’t be causing yourself or the company any harm.

6. Try Something New Once a Month

You have to put yourself out there in the world if you want to learn what you’re really talented at, but that takes time and energy, and we do have busy lives full of career goals, hard work and some social and relaxation time. So make it a point of trying something new at least once a month. You won’t be taking too much time out of your crazy busy schedule but you’ll still be working toward discovering any talents that you never even knew you had.

7. Surprise Yourself

It’s going to be a surprise when you think that you hated something your entire life and then learn that you’re actually good at it. Maybe you order take-out and live on prepared food and then one day, you try cooking dinner and realize you can do it after all. Or maybe you swear by yoga and never thought you could run but then you decide to train for a race and you come in second. Make sure you try an activity that would shock you to learn you were good at, and use that inspiration to fuel your busy work days, so you can bring even more joy and power to what you do every day.

8. Discover a Related Talent

To boost your energy and your ego, because we all need some of that from time to time, see if you have a hidden talent that’s closely related to something you already know that you have a talent for. Maybe you’re a dedicated cook, for example, but a lousy baker. You’ve always assumed that baking cakes and cookies just wasn’t for you. Take a Sunday afternoon and try whipping up a batch of blueberry muffins. You just might do a great job and produce something delicious, and you realize you’re secretly a star baker. Or maybe you’re a journalist who’s never tried fiction before. As a journalist, you definitely have similar skills with someone who is a fictional writer- great communication skills, creativity, analytical skills and so on. Give it a try and the results could be better than you ever expected.

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You know where your talents lie. You most likely use them at your job every single day of the week. And you use them on the weekends and in your free time when it comes to the hobbies and activities you enjoy. But have you ever thought about any hidden talents you might have without even realizing it? With this guide, you have a few different ways to discover any hidden talents you might possess, and what you learn can help you both at your job and in your life, too.

What’s your hidden talent? Let us know in the comments section below.

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