Discoveries That Will Make You Question Your Existence

There are many unknown facets of our physical world, origin and even galaxy. Even with that widely accepted notion we humans tend to ignore the non-permanence of both science and history. I guess it’s easier to live in a world that we understand than one we are constantly exploring. Personally, I’m an explorer so, I will present to you discoveries that could potentially question your own existence.

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An Earth like planet exists and could support life

It has been a question since the first human looked up at the sky: ‘Are we alone?’ We might be closer to the answer as researchers have estimated that there are about 100 billion such planets in our home galaxy of the Milky Way that are orbiting stars close enough to support life. Even if the complex mechanisms to support and evolve life aren’t present there still exists the possibility of simple organisms populating such planets.

Mars might have been inhabitated

Yes, the red desolate planet currently only inhabited by robots once might have had an atmosphere and surface water, and quite possibly have sustained life. They have detected organic chemistry compounds already, which are the building blocks for life on Earth. Also researchers have found evidence of microbes in sedimentary rocks on Mars. It is also assumed that Mars was an earth like planet about 3 million years ago. So when we say: ‘The Martians are coming!’ we could be just a measly 3 million years off the mark.

Ancient cultures weren’t isolated

Many times ancient cultures are presented as being isolated from one another almost existing in distinctly different eras. Recent discoveries though prove this to be completely invalid. Recently this year, Roman jewelry was found in an ancient Japanese tomb and a ring inscribed ‘For Allah’ was found in a Viking era tomb.

Ancient cultures were much more advanced than we thought

The Antikythera device and the Viking Sunstone were both highly specialized and accurate forms of navigation. Well at least that’s what researchers think. The Antikythera device has been shown to not only be a navigational tool but also a sky and star chart. The sunstone could accurately track the position of the sun within 1 degree. This means that our ancestors could navigate accurately and travel a lot further than what was previously assumed.

Printing everything

A 3D printer will soon be released that will be able to combine organic chemicals to create many different types of organic materials, from drugs to objects. This is in the developmental phase at the moment but we will be able to print a slew of items out of ‘thin air’ in the very foreseeable future.

Color changing nano-crystals

For years the mechanism regarding Chameleons ability to change color on demand has eluded scientists. Recently, a team of Swedish researchers have found that Chameleons skin is imbedded with Nano-crystals that when they are close to each other or further apart reflect or deflect certain wavelengths of color. This results in the animal’s ability to change color and pattern to camouflage itself when in the wild.

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