How to Discreetly Promote Your Career Success and Achievements

In many career spheres today, we’ve got so many unsung heroes and heroines that have shaped industries in phenomenal ways. Yet, they’re not recognized, celebrated or appreciated for their great achievements. In a bid to avoid looking arrogant, they prefer to keep their career accolades to themselves since in any case, they might end up with inconveniencing foes who would largely emerge as a result of jealousy or intimidation. But still, it’s important for them to savour the respect they’ve earned through their years of consistent and innovative hard work in their careers. This cannot be possible if they’re not recognized for their impressive career streak without offending anyone. And so, if you are in such a predicament, you should ask yourself, how do I discreetly promote my career success and achievements?

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#1 Subliminally influence Social Engagements with your Career Prowess

There are so many social avenues through which one can showcase their career prowess discreetly without making it look obvious. This means that you’ve got to do it in subliminally smart way so that it sounds pleasant to the ears of your audience. These avenues include:

  • Social Media: This online platform is the perfect channel through which you can influence your career sphere on a global scale. Many professionals that have done this end up posting meaningful content instead of filling their timelines with generic gibberish. In fact, if you end up getting verified, then all you have to do is showcase you career brilliance and the social media masses will feel your presence on a global scale.
  • Company Social Events: If your company is involved in expos, conferences, product launches, team building retreats or workshops, then this would be the another great platform for you to interact with like-minded individuals in other companies. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Chances are, while engaging in conversation, you’ll be recognized by an inner circle of peers that will connect you with better opportunities for increased exposure.

#2 Build a Legacy through Mentorship, Guidance and Counselling

A good careerist does his job, but an excellent careerist goes an extra mile and gives back to the community. It’s rather unfortunate that many careerists end up lonely and forgotten after retirement simply because throughout the years, they never nurtured young minds to greatness. Instead, they were carried away by their career egos. Therefore, to remain relevant and indispensable even in your retirement you should try the following:

  • Mentorship: In many occasions, you’ll come across proteges that are eager to walk in your footsteps and achieve the greatness you savour at the moment. To begin with, you can keep tabs on the latest academic trends to advise them on which vocational courses best suit their career goals. Moreover, you can as well become an effective connector of opportunities by forming acquaintance with key employers in your industry.
  • Guidance and Counselling: At times, you’ll come across individuals in need of advice regarding certain career calamities they’re facing. In addition, you might be invited to give speeches at various career seminars and public lectures held regularly in various educational, industrial and corporate institutions. That would be the perfect opportunity to use your experience as the foundation of your career success speech.

#3 Be an Influencer, Trendsetter and Notable Key Player in your Career Industry

During your preoccupation, your focus should be broader than individual and company prospects. You should have a bigger picture in mind and think of your career industry as a whole by focusing on its huddles and untapped market niches waiting for someone to make the first leap. Once you shape an industry, then your career success and achievements will be automatically promoted through the results on the ground. You can shape your career industry in three ways:

  • Influence: If you want to gain some serious influence in your industry. then you’ve got to be the captain of the ship. You should be the person that an entire industry looks up to when it comes to predicting future prospects of growth or decline. To do that, you’ll have to study your industry’s behaviour and become the weatherman that knows how tomorrow’s weather will be. This will earn you great trust, admiration and respect without necessarily having to showcase your career achievements.
  • Trendsetting: Once you polish up on your influence, then chances are, you’ll have knowledge untapped market niches beforehand and thus come up with new innovations to give your industry a sense of purposeful direction.
  • Being a Key Industry Player: If your success goes through the roof, then there’s no need to settle for employment. You can start your own company and exploit your potential beyond the familiar job quarters. That’s because being an entrepreneur calls for bold and daring moves. That way, you’ll not only create jobs, but you’ll also reduce the unemployment burden for your government and thus become a key industry player.

It should be noted that career success doesn’t necessarily mean academic success and therefore the two should not be mistaken for being one and the same. In fact, we’ve got many academically incompetent careerists setting the pace in their respective industries while their academically competent counterparts simply follow the lead and perfect the pace. Ultimately, it’s up to you to identify your career success and achievements without letting academic ’incompetence’ get in the way of realizing your full career potential.


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