Disruptors And Enablers: Controversial Tech Trends Shaping Our World

technology trends

This year’s tech trends can be classified into two categories: disruptors and enablers.

Disruptors are trends that change the traditional methods of businesses and consumers. They break old mindsets, typical business strategies and workflows. Trends that are labeled as disruptors are easy to adopt. Because of this, companies are quickly integrating such trends on an operational level.

Enablers are trends that equip or empower businesses to do more. They provide a new way of doing things, without tampering with old or traditional methods.

Top Disruptor Trends In 2014

1. Cognitive analytics: The problem with big data is bridging the gap between mined information and common solutions. Cognitive analytics is a new technique of scrutinizing data that goes beyond basic structures and classifications. Instead, a human approach to data association is used, allowing businesses to better understand massive amounts of information. This also makes the classification method less risky and results-driven.

2. Industrialized crowdsourcing: Businesses that are looking for new ideas can benefit from industrialized crowdsourcing. Moreover, startups that want access to a varied talent pool can easily use large crowdsourcing platforms to select individuals who are suitable for their business needs. This method is more cost effective, compared to hiring an emloyee full-time.

3. Digital engagement: Digital engagement deals with making a connection using a variety of content (audio, video, text) across multiple platforms (social media, ads, mobile). This technique focuses on the quality of the connection by integrating different types of content together. As a result, a customer’s brand experience can be increased.

4. Wearables: Smartwatches, fitness trackers, GPS devices and health monitors have changed the way businesses gather data. Consumers now have the ability to use information in the most convenient way possible through the use of wearables.

Top Enabler Trends In 2014

1. Social activation: Social activation is all about taking an aggressive approach in reaching out to key audiences. In the past, companies have automated their digital social campaigns, making the process robotic and predictable. Consumers have evolved to seek a deeper connection from leading brands, requiring businesses to create more personalized campaigns. This can lead to fewer complaints, and ultimately a more solid brand.

2. Cloud orchestration: Cloud storage platforms can become increasingly complex, as businesses rely on the digital tool to power their operations. Cloud orchestration covers the integration of cloud systems across diverse portfolios and departments. Because employees in a company use cloud platforms differently, managing the system can be a difficult task.

Cloud orchestration deals with data verification, encryption and authentication. Security protocol is also addressed in cloud orchestration, which can slow down the process of sharing information. One of the main objectives of this enabler trend revolves around portability and integration.

3. In-memory revolution: Processing big data is a huge concern for businesses dealing with multiple demographics on a global scale. In-memory revolution deals with processing information in real-time, using new technological techniques related to hardware. Disk storage comes with a handful of processing problems and concerns. In-memory revolution stores data in the main system memory, allowing direct access and streamlined processing.

What are some relevant trends in the technology industry that you feel are affecting everyday consumers?