Distant Learning: The Reality of Numbers [Infographic]

There is a common belief that by studying from a distance you miss out on a lot of the benefits that university has to offer. While to a certain extent that’s true, distant learning offers other great benefits. Choosing to enroll in an online course, means that you get more flexibility in your daily schedule, as it provides you with the opportunity to study and work at the same time. Apart from that, it also allows you to set your own pace of study and usually costs less than a full-time degree.

Despite the advantages mentioned above, statistics show that not many students prefer this type of education. This infographic from Nonprofit Colleges Online presents some useful stats on online college recruitment and shows that there’s a prediction of a slight incline in the number of students enrolling in online courses in the near future. A survey conducted in 2012 confirmed that roughly 12.5 percent of students were enrolled in an online course. However, that number could fall drastically if colleges don’t do more to encourage distant learning and MOOCs. Check it out!

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Do you think distant learning is effective? Many celebrities took online classes and have turned out fine, so why not you?




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