Do Mondays Really Suck?


No, actually they don’t, well not more than other days of the week. The reason we feel extra poopy on Monday is because of the contrast between the happy-go-lucky, picking flowers on the prairie (leave me alone I grew up in the 1870s) weekend and the drudgery of the working week.

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So All Days of the Work Week Suck

Come on as if you didn’t already know that, but yes Monday’s horrible, Tuesday’s horrible, Wednesday’s horrible, Thursday’s horrible and Friday is kind of tolerable. Surprisingly you don’t even have to work to feel better on the weekends and crappier during the weekdays. In a study by Psychologist, Arthur Stone not only did people in the workforce have a pattern of more positive feelings over the weekend but so did retirees. Of course this is probably because they like to drive around on the weekend at 20 MPH and enjoy annoying any poor soul that might have gotten behind them. Heartless, cruel, old people.

Ok, because I’m a perpetual skeptic let me put this out there. Movement of stock markets are a lot lower on Mondays than other days of the week and especially on the weekend. People get tested more for S.T.D.s on Monday (which makes sense considering how nasty people get on the weekend) and most shockingly more people commit suicide on Monday than any other day. On the other hand according to an American Nav-Sat company, Monday mornings are some of the least congested, traffic wise, times in the week. Ironically so are Fridays.

There have even been estimates that you actually feel worse about yourself come Monday morning. The weekend is a time to grab a beer, a hot-dog and a seat on the couch while wearing your most soft and warm sweat pants. Come Monday morning though, you have to squeeze back into those dress pants or skirt, making you feel like you might have been hitting the all-you-can-eat buffet harder than Mike Tyson hit…well everyone. Add a dash of regret, remorse and rumination for the souls of the fast food you shoved down your gullet and you have the perfect recipe for a crappy morning.

Sleep Cycle

Another factor for the Monday Blues is the sleep cycle. Most of us don’t  sleep as much as we should during the week, so what do we do on the weekend? You guessed it, we sleep in. Although it feels great on the weekend, it comes with a nasty side-effect come Monday morning. Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday can actually mess up your sleep cycle by  a whopping 45 min. So even if you thought you were making up for lost sleep by sleeping in, it will probably make you even more sleepy on Monday.

So maybe Monday is just the Spinster Older Sister of the week, wanting to be loved but misunderstood as the witch that eats any children that walk into her yard. She’s not all that bad, actually she is the gate-keeper for so many professional and personal possibilities that our prejudice against her is unjustified.

Mondays Suck

It’s not, I don’t care how many scientist say Monday doesn’t suck. In the deepest cockles of my heart, I know that she sucks with the ferocity of 500 vacuums and three street cleaners. You, Monday are a despicable invention that no human should be subjected to.

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Do you like Monday’s? Then let me know in the comment section below.





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