How to Do Office Yoga


Office yoga does not involve cracking out the “downward facing dog” pose outside your boss’ office. What it does involve is having a good old stretch while you’re sat at your desk to relieve some of the tensions of a hard day at work. Here are some discreet yoga moves that won’t cause too commotion:

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1. Arm Stretches

These stretches will help you to stretch out your entire body and relax:

Number 1

  1. Clasp your hands together at your lower back.
  2. Lift them as high as they will go while raising your sternum.
  3. Hold the pose for 30-45 seconds, relax, and repeat.

Number 2

  1. Interlock your fingers out in front of your body with your palms facing outwards.
  2. Slowly raise your hands over your head into a long stretch from the waist.
  3. Hold for 30-45 seconds, relax, and repeat.

2. Back Stretches

Many people complain of a bad back caused by sitting down at a desk all day, so stretch out your upper and lower back at regular intervals:

Number 1

  1. While seated at your desk, breathe deeply, open your arms wide, and reach up to the ceiling.
  2. While holding this pose, bend from your upper back and chest.
  3. After a few seconds, relax and repeat.

Number 2

  1. Sit sideways on the edge of your chair with your left side touching the back of the chair and your hands placed on the back.
  2. Breathe in and straighten out your spine. Breathe out and twist your body towards the back of the chair. While doing this, push with your left hand and pull with your right.
  3. Repeat this a few times and then switch sides.

Number 3

  1. While seated, spread your legs hip-distance apart, and bend forward letting your head drop towards the floor.
  2. Relax your neck as much as possible and, if you find this difficult, roll up a scarf or towel and place it at the crease of your hips.
  3. You can hold this pose for as long as you like; sit up and relax, then repeat.

3. Wrist Stretch

Wielding a mouse and typing all day can wreak havoc on your wrists, hands and forearms. Reduce the level of strain with this simple pose:

  1. Using one hand, press the fingertips of the other hand towards your forearm, then switch hands.
  2. Press the fingertips down towards your wrist, then switch.
  3. Finally, hold your arms out in a cactus pose and shake your wrists from side to side, and then up and down for a while.

4. Leg Stretches

Sitting in the same position all day can make your legs ache. So, loosen them up with these poses:

Number 1

  1. Sit on the edge of your chair facing a wall, stretch out your right leg and have your left leg bent normally.
  2. Hold onto a scarf or towel with the middle placed at the ball of your foot.
  3. Lengthen your back while lifting your sternum and relaxing your neck.
  4. Bend forward slightly with your back straight. Hold for 30-45 seconds, and then switch legs.

Number 2

  1. Repeat the above steps but with both of your legs stretched out together.

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These office yoga moves could be hugely beneficial to your body and wellbeing. Remember to take regular breaks from work, if possible, in order to loosen up those tired and aching muscles.

What yoga poses do you do in the office? Let us know in the comments section below!