Do What You Love 'Til You Hate It

Think of the perfect job. OK, since it looks like you have the mental capacities of a 7 year old we’ll go with your answer: Professional Puppy Hugger/Entertainer. Your hypothetical job involves playing and hugging puppies for eight hours and comes with a six figure cheque. Eventually, you’ll get tired of stepping in puppy poo, your arms will get tired from hours of playing fetch and just the sight of puppies will make you twitch. Anything you love to do will get old with repetition. However, there are some ways to get back to doing the things you love again.

1. Problematic Passion

The problem with passion is that it is not dissimilar to a very loyal but very dumb dog. If you tell that poor beast to chase its tail, it will do it so zealously until it drops dead. Passion does just that; you invest time and effort with so much pleasure that in most cases you’re not really moving towards a goal. You just chase your tail over and over again until you get weary and tired. Also, if this was not a metaphor for you and you actually have a tail I would recommend getting that checked out.

2. Evolve

If you’re the one with the tail then I would take this both figuratively and literally. The most effective passion sucker (giggity) in the world is complacency. For our un-evolved tail-having friends let me elaborate: complacency is a feeling of unaware security which sounds pretty great but isn’t (see passion sucker above) (giggity). Passion is heavily based in the joy of discovery and the process of exploration. Complacency is the exact opposite. Learning and exploring more about the thing you love to do will fan that little waning spark into a roaring inferno of passion (bow chiki bow wow).

3. Find the little kid in you

I see your confounded, befuddled face, allow me to explain. We all had aspirations, dreams and goals as children. Sure you loved maple syrup so much that you wanted to be Aunt Jemima when you grew up, but there might be more there than you think. You enjoyed the small pleasures in life, sweet golden syrup over fluffy steaming pancakes. You enjoyed it so much that you wanted to become the embodiment of that deliciously decadent golden elixir. Simple right? Exactly! As we grow older our goals become more complex and multifaceted. You might want a nice paying job which is the means to a nice house, a nice car and a financially secure future. That is more of a dream equation than a singular dream. Simplify, strip down and refocus on what impassions you. Be the kid that would chug down a whole bottle of syrup because you loved it so much. Actually, don’t do that, it’s terrible for you.

4. Give it a break

If you have the luxury to do so, just let it rest for a little. Walk away collect your thoughts, revise your goals and expectations. If you’re truly passionate, you’ll miss it eventually, and that longing will translate into a new found desire for your favorite occupation. You might even say that you will slow-motion-run into the arms of your long lost passion on the beach at sunset. Your passion will pick you up and spin you until you both fall into the warm sand and kiss. I’m sorry about that lapse I actually moonlight as a romantic narrative novelist. It’s hard to turn it off sometimes.

Have you rediscovered your passion? Did you do it in a way that I might have missed? Well then let us know in the comment section below.